AIKA is one of the available hostesses at Four Shine, and one of the Platinum hostesses in Yakuza Kiwami 2. She is known for her casual bright mood, and often called the "Party Queen."


Aika is a very casual and honest girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is a very heavy drinker, to the point where she used to blackout drunk often and then have memory gaps. She dislikes hiding behind a fake persona, and also admits to being awkward, despite appearances.

Adding to her title as the "Party Queen", Aika cares very little for the Grand Prix as a competition and hates being ordered around by her former boss Kanzaki - as shown when Aika told him she wants to do things her own way by having fun.

Dialogue TreeEdit

Hey, I know! Let's have a competition to see who gets drunk first! Doesn't that sound like a riot? Keep the drinks flowing! +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I don't want you to blackout. Hostess Heart Empty
I'm already drunk. +Hostess Heart Full
Electric pole... wrapped around... kissing... A lady needs to be careful out there. Hostess Heart Empty
In that case, keep drinking. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I want to be the electric pole! +Hostess Heart Full
So I think Four Shine's awesome for me. And the manager's pretty cool too. ❤ Yeah, I'm pretty great. +Hostess Heart Full
I hope you're with us a long time. Hostess Heart Empty
You should work where you're happy. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
That's where I feel the most comfortable, and that's why I think it was my calling. Kinda weird, huh? It's not weird. +Hostess Heart Full
It suits you well. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Admit it, the job pays well. Hostess Heart Empty
Wha!? This is so sudden... Hostess Heart Empty
If you fall for me, you'll only get burned. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I love you... +Hostess Heart Full
I think my job's more important and more fun, besides... Now's not the time for a relationship, right? You with me? Our club forbids relationships. +Hostess Heart Full
That's for you to decide. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
You're at marrying age, though. Hostess Heart Empty
I can't date or even be friends with dudes who say that kinda crap. You've got to be yourself. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I hate those types too. +Hostess Heart Full
Women shouldn't get mad. Hostess Heart Empty
Hmmm, good question... I look deeper than fashion styles. +Hostess Heart Full
I love the tanned look of a kuro gyaru! +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I prefer clean and simple. Hostess Heart Empty
Ugh... For real, what do I do? Apologize honestly. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
Pretend nothing happened.
Just make a good pun.
How 'bout you, Kiryu-san? You ever wanted to quit your job? I quit once before. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I want to quit now. +Hostess Heart Full
I never want to quit. Hostess Heart Empty
Kiryu-san, you look like you stress out a lot. When it gets too heavy, you've gotta find a release. You can relieve it for me...
Men relieve it in their own way. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
I punch people to relieve it.
But I do wonder where I'll be in five years! Hostess seems right for you. +Hostess Heart FullHostess Heart Full
You'll be a married housewife. Hostess Heart Empty
I'll be your subordinate by then. +Hostess Heart Full

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