A Freaky Situation is the 33rd substory in Yakuza 6.


While exploring Onomichi, at the Ryunan Shrine Stairway, Kiryu stumbles upon an accident that takes place with Kazumi and Kazuo. It appears that after they have fallen down a flight of stairs, they have switched bodies. Muranaka wants Kazumi to head to the hospital immediately. He wants to bring Kazuo and stick together, but Muranaka refuses. Talk to "Kazumi." It is revealed that this entire thing is just a charade. Kazuo reveals that Kazumi is from a rich family known as the Iwami Family and that they don't approve of the relationship between the two. Kazuo reveals that the body switching is part of a plan to allow them to remain together. Muranaka and a whole group of members begin to beat on Kazuo to try to force the truth from him. Kiryu coms to the aid of Kazuo and battles with Murunaka.

After the battle, Kazumi appears and reveals that she can keep the act up for forever it that's what it takes. Muranaka reveals that the whole thing had just been a test and that he will be testing the two even more in the future.


  • Defeat Murunaka and the others.



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