A Whirlwind Dirt Tour is the 14th substory in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

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At Kanrai, II Yu-Jin approaches and lets you know that it is his first time in Japan. He wants you to act as his tour guide and show you around Kamurocho. The first place that he wants to visit is a place where he can watch a sexy video.


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Il Yu-Jin 2 is the 17th Kanto mission in Yakuza 2.


After eating at Kanrai, Kiryu sees a well-dressed man standing nearby. The man tells Kiryu that he is a famous Korean pop singer called Il Yu-Jin. He asks Kiryu to show him around Kamurocho and steer him clear of his hordes of fans in exchange for money. If fans intercept the pair 3 times during this and the next three missions, it will be mission over. Kiryu agrees to help. First, Il asks Kiryu to take him to a place with people singing and dancing. This description is a little ambiguous: Kiryu could decide to take him to Deborah, which requires the undertaking of a circuitous route through the Hotel District. However, if Kiryu does this, Il will complain and say that he wanted sexy women dancing, like at Asia.
Instead, Kiryu decides to go straight to Asia from Kanrai. To avoid the fans, the pair go down Pink Street to Asia, sticking to the west side of the street to avoid a fan at the intersection with Taihei Boulevard. Asia's doorman urges them to come in, and Kiryu agrees. Il is very pleased with the show. Next he wants to visit a bar with people whose gender appears to be ambiguous. Kiryu says that he must mean a drag bar, and Il agrees. Kiryu decides to keep showing him around, starting Il Yu-Jin 2.


  • Save game/save state before starting this mission (recommended)
  • Talk to the man outside Kanrai
  • Agree to show him around (top choice)
  • Go down the west side of Pink Street to Asia
  • Talk to the man outside Asia
  • Agree to go in (top choice)
  • Agree to continue showing him around




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