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Ai Sakura (咲良 あい, Sakura Ai) is Ryuji Goda's hostess in Yakuza: Dead Souls. She is one of the few hostesses in the series capable of fighting, and also becomes available as an AI companion character after completing her substory.

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Yakuza: Dead Souls: 2011[edit | edit source]

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If there's any way I can be of service, don't hesitate to mention it, sir! How 'bout a date after this?
I ain't your master.
Yeah, find me a new girl.
Glorified busking, really. I love the attention. Got your fingers in a lot of pies.
Maybe I'll go see one.
You sure anybody's watchin'?
The area around the club has been quarantined off, and I can't get to the maid café. I'm gonna fix that.
Think of it as a vacation.
Why go abroad?
I got enthralled watching these idols on the television and decided I wanted to become one. Pretty ballsy.
Couldn't ya do that in Fukuoka?
Wait, you're into girls?
Have you spent much time in hostess clubs? I'm a veteran.
I'm drownin' my nerves in booze.
You're my first.
I couldn't imagine you seeing me like that. I'd be mortified! Ya worry too much.
I'd pay to see that.
Like I say, don't force yerself.
You should think on it the next time you have the occasion to eat some! I'm sure you'll agree. But it don't taste like anythin'.
Then make me some miso soup.
The hell is it, anyway?
Even then, I rarely have occasion to lose my cool. Is that strange, do you think? You're fine.
Sure ya ain't buildin' up stress?
Take a swing at me.
I'll even rub their feet when they come home tired from work! Sounds like the perfect woman.
Ain't that goin' overboard?
You're okay with all that?
Something about that duality is delightful. I won't stand for a guy who hits his woman.
You some kinda masochist?
I ain't like that.
I'm afraid some customers have an aversion to women who work nights. Even just as hostesses. Let 'em talk.
Know who it was?
What's wrong with wantin' money?
That way I have everything planned out and rehearsed before it comes time to sing in front of everyone. Ain't that a little much?
Sure ya need to rehearse?
I do that, too.
It's to the point where I can't focus on work here. Can ya fire a gun?
What about yer customers here?
Pull yer shit together, woman!
And no one believes me, but I've seen a UFO in person! What cartoon were ya watchin'?
That's amazin'.
Sure, why wouldn't there be aliens?
Come see me at the maid café before making any assumptions. Clumsy could be cute.
You got it easy here, huh?
You still think of that as your real job?
Then I make the roux from scratch as well. Why bother?
I like my curry sweet.
Is it any good?
It's exhausting, but great. Yeah, if you're a kid.
Sounds bad for yer health.
Ya want monsters, just go outside.
Hmm, your first name is Ryuji, isn't it? How about... Mewji! You makin' fun of me?
What's yours, then?
Call me master!
We singles will just have to take comfort in one another's company, hmm? Yeah, 'til you run off.
You and I ain't the same.
What happened six months ago?
More that it only makes me determined to win him back. Knock that shit off.
There aren't many women like you.
Awful confident, aren't ya?
I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to work at the maid café... Wait 'til things cool down.
This ain't the time to worry about that.
Ya gotta trust in yer friends.
People dress up as anime characters and dance½ or pose for photos, all sorts of things! You should come with me! Sure, why not?
I don't got a costume.
Got any other date ideas?
I may have to turn them down... You sure it's legit?
Ya can't give up.
There'll be other offers.
I just wish there was more I could do for her in return... Not while there's zombies around.
Hurry up and get married, then.
Achieve yer dreams.
Ooh, then let me clean your place! I'm sure it's in dire need of it. I keep my place tidy.
Stay outta my business.
That yer excuse to come home with me?
What sort of training must a person do to come out looking like you? I was born this way.
Just eat a lot.
I got these fightin'.
I don't want to seem immature for my age. Don't worry about it.
I thought ya liked the attention?
Grown women got their own appeal.
Normally, I would go in for a massage, but that's not exactly possible now. Wanna hit the hot springs?
Want me to rub 'em for ya?
It's 'cause of that huge rack.
Really? I would think the girls would be beating a path to your door. Cut the flattery.
You think you could marry this?
I like bein' single.
What's wrong with a little romance? I think it would be magical! Impossible, more like.
Just don't hold yer breath.
I don't got that in me.
Cosplay! You'd be a smash hit, I'm sure of it! An international star, huh?
I'll cheer ya on from Japan.
Bigger hit than you, even!

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