Ai Uehara (上原 亜衣, Uehara Ai) is a character in Yakuza 0. She was the number one hostess at Club Mars before joining Club Sunshine.

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Completion of Ai's training unlocks the substory The First Friend.

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"Sounds great!" Don't overeat... -Hostess Heart Quarter
What kinda cuisine? +Hostess Heart Half
Wanna go together? +Hostess Heart Full
"Huh? If you were my gal? Let's see, what would I have you do for me..." A massage, maybe. +Hostess Heart Half
Just be by my side. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Work? You mean working at a cabaret club?" I'm glad you're here. +Hostess Heart Full
You're so cheerful. -Hostess Heart Quarter
You're good with men. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"I didn't realize a generally cheerful girl like you would even think about that stuff, Ai-chan." Just ignore 'em. +Hostess Heart Half
Drama queens are trash. -Hostess Heart Quarter

Customer Service 2 Edit

"Soooo, the older guys is a yes..." I'm an older guy!!! -Hostess Heart Quarter
Old guys fall for ya? +Hostess Heart Full
Gray hair okay then? +Hostess Heart Half
"Lemme think..." Part of the job. +Hostess Heart Half
I wanna punch him. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Hmm. I didn't talk too much when I was with him, I guess. He didn't like that. He told me, 'I thought you were more outgoing! You're not the same person!'" You were being real. +Hostess Heart Full
Ya gotta talk, though. -Hostess Heart Quarter
He was wrong. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Hmm... I'd keep it all bottled up! He'd eventually find a different girl, and I'd probably be heartbroken." You're missin' out. -Hostess Heart Quarter
That's cute. +Hostess Heart Half

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"My type of girl, huh? Lessee..." Someone I like. -Hostess Heart Quarter
A girl like you. +Hostess Heart Full
She'd be kinky. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Well, a wife is forever. So, hmm..." She's good in bed. -Hostess Heart Quarter
She's a good cook. +Hostess Heart Half
"Hmm, relivin' my life, eh?" I don't need to. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Before I was born. +Hostess Heart Full
My teenage years. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Oh, well I'd..." Not get involved. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Put a stop to it. +Hostess Heart Half

Customer Service 4 Edit

"I see now." I can't believe it. -Hostess Heart Quarter
You're doin' great! +Hostess Heart Full
Musta been rough. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Makes sense. Hard to find a job these days where ya really feel like you're makin' a difference." Try something else. -Hostess Heart Quarter
I feel better now. +Hostess Heart Half
"I see..." Money ain't everything. +Hostess Heart Full
Invite me over, then. -Hostess Heart Quarter
That's the spirit! -Hostess Heart Quarter
"Yes! But, most men aren't really into that. Majima-san, how would you feel about being adopted into your wife's family?" Not my style. -Hostess Heart Quarter
I wouldn't mind. +Hostess Heart Half

Customer Service Final Edit

"I hear ya." Whining won't help. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Welcome to Sunshine. +Hostess Heart Full
Musta been rough. -Hostess Heart Quarter
"These days they're callin' that 'sexual harassment.'" Question for ya. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Not on my watch! +Hostess Heart Half
"Suddenly you're strugglin'..." Aww man... -Hostess Heart Quarter
Too many choices? +Hostess Heart Full
Classically ditzy... -Hostess Heart Quarter
"When I watch the river at night from there, I find it comforting somehow. And there are fewer guys who try to pick up on me there than at Iwao Bridge!" Stay safe at night. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Wanna go together? +Hostess Heart Half

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