Akita is a minor antagonist featured in Yakuza 0.


In 1988, Akita is a member of the Dojima Family and the captain of its subsidiary, the Shibusawa Family.

When Keiji Shibusawa is delivering Makoto Makimura to Sohei Dojima at his penthouse in the Sebastian Building, Akita is one of his men who accompanies him and is present to see Shibusawa be declared the new captain of the Dojima Family.

Later on, when the Shibusawa Family is carrying out a raid on the Nikkyo Consortium's Tokyo base to assassinate Makimura and the Nikkyo President, Masaru Sera, Akita is also one of Shibusawa's men present. While Shibusawa leads the main attack on the ship, Akita and his men stay behind on the wharf to counter any reinforcements that may arrive. As it turns out, those reinforcements are Kazuma Kiryu, Akira Nishikiyama, Osamu Kashiwagi and two truckloads of Kazama Family men armed with swords and molotov cocktails.

Despite having better weapons that their attackers, Akita and his men are unable to repel the Kazama Family counteroffensive and Akita himself is beaten in combat by Kazuma Kiryu, who proceeds to board the ship and confront Shibusawa.

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