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Ako, also known simply as Earth Angel Mama (亜天使のママ), is the owner of Earth Angel.


Some time before the events of Yakuza 0 Ako had been appointed by Yuya to be the new leader of the Black Thunder gang after his departure from the group. She later left the gang and started a new life herself, transitioning to female and becoming the owner of Earth Angel.


Yakuza 0[]

After Real Estate Royale is unlocked Kiryu can go to Earth Angel and have a drink with Ako, who offers to be an advisor in Kiryu's real estate business.

Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

Main article: Mama Under Attack

Kiryu goes to Earth Angel and sees Ako being abused by a customer, prompting Kiryu to defend her. When Kiryu returns to the bar Ako is a potential recruit for Majima Construction.

Main article: Embracing My True Self

After Yuya is threatened by the Black Thunder gang, who demand money or a man named Okano, Yuya's girlfriend Miyu hesitantly tells Kiryu to ask the Mama at Earth Angel about where to find him. When Kiryu asks Ako who Okano is, Ako reveals she used to be Okano, and used to be the leader of the Black Thunder gang before transitioning. Later while Kiryu and Yuya fight Koji and his goons at Stardust, Ako shows up and throws Yuya his old Black Thunder jacket, re-energizing Yuya enough to help Kiryu defeat the rest of them.

Related Minigames[]

Real Estate Royale[]

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Clan Creator[]

Ako can be used as a member of Majima Construction:

Description Rarity Type Combat style Skill Ability
The Mama at Earth Angel and former member of Black Thunder. R Attack Bat Essence of Molotov Spinning Lariat




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