Aniki (兄貴, lit. "older brother") is a Japanese honorable term mainly used to refer to someone one considers a superior, within the context of the Yakuza franchise, though it may also be used for a literal older brother.

Quotations Edit

What are you getting at here?
It's all "aniki" this and "aniki" that.
It's 'cause you're my aniki. Duh.
You're the captain of the Ryudo Family.
I'm nothing to you, especially not your aniki.
Eh, let's talk about this later.
No. I can't have a yakuza talking to me like that.
What would my kids think?
C'mon, just let it slide! I respect your strength, that's all.
Don't you see? You're my aniki, Aniki!
Rikiya and Kiryu, Yakuza 3 Remastered
Huh!? What the hell? Cap? This guy is -
Shut yer trap! Y'oughta be showin' some respect! This guy's my aniki now! And you fools'll call him aniki too!
Yuta and Nagumo, Yakuza 6
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