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Arakure Quest is the 2nd substory in Yakuza 0.


Kiryu finds a line in front of Don Quijote, which he asks a young boy named Akio who is last in line about. Akio excitedly explains that the line is for the popular new video game titled Arakure 3, and that he was lucky enough to get the last reservation ticket after gathering all his saved allowance money. After Kiryu enters the Don Quijote and exits, he finds the line has dispersed, and finds that a delinquent has robbed Akio of his copy of the game. Kiryu talks to Akio and upon understanding the situation, consoles him and promises that he will get him his game back before pursuing the delinquent.

Kiryu catches up to the delinquent in Pink Street, where he finds him with an older thug who leaves after a brief exchange. Kiryu beats up the delinquent and demands he returns Akio's game, but he reveals that he was himself robbed, and that a "much better thief than himself" has stolen "his" copy of the game. Kiryu strongly reiterates that the game does not belong to the delinquent, before running off to find the thug.

Kiryu finds the thug in a brief exchange with a yakuza member in East Taihei Boulevard, who leaves shortly after. He beats up the thug, who reveals that he too had been robbed of the game by that same yakuza member. He runs off to find the yakuza member in Taihei Boulevard, who mocks him for being unable to acquire a copy and advises him to steal a copy from someone who managed to purchase it instead of trying to purchase one properly himself.

Kiryu beats up the yakuza member, who pleads that he needs it because his young son had been looking forward to it, and that he was just trying to make his son happy after his wife left him and took custody of their son. Kiryu sympathizes with the yakuza member, but reaffirms that he cannot let him take it as it belonged to a young child. The man, shocked to hear this, argues that he did not steal from a child. Kiryu explains the entire sequence of events and robberies that led up to this last confrontation: that he had stolen from a thug who stole it from a delinquent who stole it from the child who purchased it. The yakuza member, overcome with remorse, apologizes and returns the game, saying that he had just wanted to make his child happy, but not if it meant stealing from someone else's child.

However, as Akio catches up to them, it is revealed that the yakuza member is in fact Akio's father, who had inadvertently robbed his own son. Akio explains that even though he could have asked his father for money to buy the game, he chose to spend his own money so his mother would not chastise his father for spending excessively. He vouches for his father to Kiryu, explaining that he brought him out to numerous game stores in search of the game. Akio's father thanks and apologizes to Kiryu, and rewards him with the weapon Sunburst before leaving with Akio and their game intact.



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