Awamorigura (泡盛蔵) is a liquor store/warehouse in Downtown Ryukyu specializing in awamori.

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Note that the names and descriptions are taken from the original version of Yakuza 3. These are subject to vary in the remaster.

Icon (Default) Name Price (¥) XP Description
Y330proofrokoawamorisakiyama 30 Proof Roko Awamori Sakiyama 4500 225 A vintage blend of Mt. Onnadake spring water and "Kamecho Awamori" sake for a rich, mild flavor.
Y322proofawamoriguranakijin 22 Proof Awamorigura Nakijin 3150 157 Sake with a sweet vintage flavor, intoxicating scent, and low alcohol content at 22 proof.
Y338proofawamori10years 38 Proof Awamori 10 Years 5000 250 This vintage "Awamori" sake was aged for 10 years, giving it a mellow, full-bodied taste.
Y325proofokinawanoumi 25 Proof Okinawa no Umi 1050 52 Special "Awamori" sake loved by many for its well-balanced, bitter-sweet taste.
Y322proofawamorigurasakiyama 22 Proof Awamorigura Sakiyama 2500 125 Rich, sweet sake made from the pure waters of Mt. Onnadake in the town of Kin, Okinawa.
Y322proofvintageawamori 22 Proof Vintage Awamori 3500 175 Full-flavored, vintage "Awamori" sake with low alcohol content, making it go down easy.
Y4legdrinker Legendary Drinker of Ryukyu 200 4 Turmeric and other natural ingredients make this supplement work well against hangovers.
Y325proofzampa 25 Proof Zampa 1365 68 Special "Awamori" sake known for its smooth, sweet taste and refreshing air.
Y330proofzampaawamori 30 Proof Zampa 1260 63 Special "Awamori" sake known for its alluring smell and rich flavor from unique fermentation.
Y3vintagezampa Vintage Zampa 2089 104 Vintage "Awamori" sake with a rich bouquet and hint of sweetness for a full-bodied flavor.



Habushu bottle picture.

  • The use of the word "proof" to describe the alcohol content of Awamorigura's drinks comes from the Japanese (do) meaning "degree." Unlike the American "proof" however, which is equal to 0.5% alcohol by volume, the Japanese term is equal to 1% ABV. Thus, the alcohol content of the drinks listed is twice what it appears.
  • There was originally going to be a 25% Habushu drink available to buy at Awamorigura. This is a type of Awamori infused with actual Habu pit vipers for flavour, as well as the belief that Habu vipers are an aphrodisiac.


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