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Bar Tender (BAR テンダー, Bar Tendā), also known as Tender, is a bar located on Taihei Boulevard in Kamurocho. It is run by Masuda.


Tender serves as a primary rendezvous point for Takayuki Yagami and his allies, along with Charles and the Yagami Detective Agency. When Yagami first arrived in Kamurocho at 15, he worked at the bar, lying about his age in order to secure the job.

At Tender, Yagami is able to accept job requests procured by Masuda on his behalf.

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  • Tender plays a similar role in Judgment as Serena/New Serena does in much of the main Yakuza series, being one of the main places where the protagonist and the other main characters gather.
  • Bar Tender is present in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, however there is no way to access.