Battle Bonus Rewards are multipliers applied to the money earned when attacking an enemy in battle. Most require a condition to be met, such as defeating an enemy with a specific attack, while others are increased with weapons, equipment, and upgrades.

Yakuza 0 Edit

In Yakuza 0, there are four bonus rewards that can be increased by using specific weapons and equipment or by exchanging Completion List points at a Shrine or Temple for Battle upgrades: Weapons, Shakedown, Equipment, and List. These are applied to each successful attack where applicable with the exception of List, which is always applied. For example, the Shakedown bonus is only applied when fighting Mr. Shakedown. The values of these bonus rewards can be seen in the Pause menu.

Additional bonus rewards can be earned through certain actions in battle. The list of bonuses earned can be viewed after the end of battle by accessing the Bonus Details of the rewards screen. The following is a list of possible bonus rewards.

Note: Bonus rewards stack additively with a base of 1.0 if more than one is applied. For example, if the Enemy Down (4.0) and Lightning Fast (4.5) bonuses are applied, the total bonus becomes 7.5 (1.0 + 3.0 + 3.5).

Name Multiplier Condition
Enemy Down 4.0 Defeat an enemy.
The Brawler 3.0 Defeat enemy with a counterattack in Brawler style (Kiryu only).
The Rusher 3.0 Defeat enemy after weaving in Rush style (Kiryu only).
The Beast 3.0 Defeat enemy with a weapon in Beast style (Kiryu only).
The Thug 3.0 Defeat enemy with a counterattack in Thug style (Majima only).
The Breaker 3.0 Defeat enemy after a freeze in Breaker style (Majima only).
The Slugger 3.0 Defeat enemy with a charged attack in Slugger style (Majima only).
Running Man 2.5 Defeat enemy with a running attack.
Tormentor 2.5 Defeat enemy with an attack unleashed after evading.
Finishing Blow 5.0 Defeat enemy with a Finishing Blow.
Heat Explosion 5.0 Defeat enemy with a Heat Action.
Counter Master 6.0 Defeat enemy with a counterattack.
BOOM! 1.5 Defeat enemy with an explosion.
My Bad, Sorry 1.5 Defeat enemy when taking out a weapon.
Collateral Damage 2.5 Defeat enemy by throwing or knocking another into them.
Grappler 3.5 Defeat enemy with a grabbing attack.
Curb Stomper 1.5 Defeat enemy while they are lying on the ground.
Now You See Me 2.5 Defeat enemy that has lost track of you.
Guard Breaker 3.0 Defeat enemy immediately after breaking their guard.
Lightning Fast 4.5 Defeat enemy within 5 seconds of first damaging them.
Untouchable 3.0 Defeat enemy before taking any damage in a battle.
Combo Takedown 3.0 Defeat a second enemy within 3 seconds of a first.
Double Takedown 2.0 Defeat 2 enemies within 1 second.
Triple Takedown 3.0 Defeat 3 enemies within 1 second.
Quadruple Takedown 4.0 Defeat 4 enemies within 1 second.
Mass Takedown 8.0 Defeat 5 or more enemies within 1 second.
Empty Tank 1.5 Defeat enemy when your Heat Gauge is empty.
Top Gear 3.5 Defeat enemy when your Heat Gauge is full.
Indomitable 4.0 Defeat enemy when your health is red and flashing.
Legend in the Making 10.0 Defeat enemy with your remaining health at 1.

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