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Be My Baby is the is the 2nd Kanto mission in Yakuza 2 and the 1st substory in Yakuza Kiwami 2.


A group of thugs from the Gondawara Family are blocking off Pink Street outside Be My Baby on account of their patriarch having rented out the club that night. After Kiryu defeats them, Susumu Gondawara appears and admonishes his men for starting a fight with the legendary Dragon of Dojima. By way of apology, he insists that Kiryu visit his favorite club, promising a mind-blowing "special service" offered there.

At the club, Kiryu is introduced to a woman named Machiko in a room resembling a nursery. He catches on to what is happening when she attempts to put him into a diaper and backs into a false wall, which knocks it down. This reveals a whole room of adult babies, consisting of the thugs from before and Gondawara himself, all of whom are dressed in nothing but diapers. The family takes offense to Kiryu rejecting their hospitality, challenging him to a battle.

After the battle, Kiryu lectures Gondawara about not forcing people to take part in his kinks. When Kiryu leaves, the other members of the family thank him and admit that their boss actually forced them into participating in his fetish.


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