Beam is a DVD shop located on Pink Street North. It also serves as an underground weapons shop.


Beam opened sometime between 1988 and 2005.


The Weapon Shop is unlocked after completing Beam's Secret

Yakuza 2 Edit

Yakuza 3Edit

The weapons shop can only be accessed after speaking to a man in the parking lot near Beam then asking the Beam staff member about the "Mixed-Bathing Hot Springs Special".

Image Name Price (¥) Description
Hustle 2 3,800 Got a ripped action star that makes the movie. It's a "get-ripped-quick" collector's item.
High-Noon Limbo 3,800 Part limbo dancing, part Western. I'd recommend it for a good laugh.
Prof. Savage 2 3,800 About a former tribal chief who becomes a teacher, then goes postal. Typical romantic comedy.
Chicken Champs Collection 3,800 Complete DVD set of the popular TV show. It's not airing anymore so this one sells well.
The Kancho Master 2 3,800 Sequel to a popular flick. They say the "6-Finger Method" is really effective, but I don't get it.
Clothes Hanger Fun 3,800 Got some basic hanger ideas in it. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me.

Image Name Price (¥) Description
Blackjack 3,000
Army Knife 16,000
Pepper Spray 3,200
Wooden Short Sword 1,200
Stun Gun 16,000
Hyper Stun Gun 30,000
Extendable Staff 10,000
Long Nunchaku 8,900
Double Slats 2,300
Binding 800
Fighter's Binding 4,800
Iron Breastplate 18,000
Bulletproof Breastplate 28,000
New Material XX 30,000
Super Resin 3,200
Alloy Spring 3,100

Yakuza 4Edit

Image Name Price (¥) Description
Fun Science With Denzaburo 3,800 A DVD of "Fun Science With Denzaburo." The educational program is finally on DVD!
Cheap and Easy Self-Defense 3,800 A DVD of "Cheap and Easy Self-Defense. It's about using self-defence weapons.

Image Name Price (¥) Description
Space Ninja VII: The Daimyo Strikes Back 3,800 A DVD of "Space Ninja VII: The Daimyo Strikes Back." The seventh in a series of Space Ninja flicks. Lots of cool sci-fi weapons in there.
Swordsmith: Hayakawa Ryutaro 3,800 A DVD of "Swordsmith: Hayakawa Ryutaro." A rare documentary on the unusual life of a swordsmith.
Lucky 8: Fist of Glory 3,800 A DVD of "Lucky 8: Fist of Glory." This movie is a guaranteed tearjerker.
Let's Get Physical! 7,800 A DVD of "Let's Get Physical!." This fitness show is such a hit, even I work out with it.

Image Name Price (¥) Description
Dragon's Last Wind 3,800 A DVD of "Dragon's Last Wind." Dragon Smash is at it again!
Running Grandmas 7,800 A DVD of "Running Grandmas." It's just video of a bunch of old ladies running. Hey, whatever floats your boat...
Beatdown Basics 3,800 A DVD of "Beatdown Basics." It shows a variety of fighting techniques.
Kick Ass Like a Badass 7,800 A DVD of "Kick Ass Like a Badass." Got to look cool when you kick ass, right?

Image Name Price (¥) Description
Tale of a Great Golfer 3,800 A DVD of "Tale of a Great Golfer." A documentary about the life of a golfer hailed as the "God of Golf."
My Boyfriend is Number Four 3,800 A DVD of "My Boyfriend is Number Four." A hot-blooded romantic comedy about baseball.
Lady Prisoner Number 38 11,800 A DVD of "Lady Prisoner Number 38." A sexy model makes her debut in the lead role, and the action scenes are actually pretty good.
World's Strangest Amulets 7,800 A DVD of "World's Strangest Amulets." Anyone with an interest in the supernatural should like this.

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