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Behind the Assassin is the 57th substory in Yakuza Kiwami.


Kiryu ran into the assassin from his stint in prison once more, who was left behind by the Nikkyo Consortium following his failure to kill Kiryu, forcing him to serve out his sentence. Blaming Kiryu for this, he attacked him and is swiftly defeated. After Kiryu beat the former inmate, he demanded to know whether Sera actually ordered the hit on him, which the assassin admits was not true, confirming that it was Kunieda, the president of the Consortium, who had sent him. Knowing that the Consortium was a secretive group, Kiryu resolved to go to Purgatory to ask the Florist of Sai about Kunieda. On the way to the Florist's castle, however, he is accosted by a man, who reveals himself to be Kunieda himself. Following Kiryu's request for more information, Kunieda told him that he would learn the truth following the two of them fighting. Once Kiryu defeated him and the other Consortium members who joined him, Kunieda stated that he only sent the assassin on Sera's orders. Confused, Kiryu requested to know more, to which Kunieda told him that Sera was attempting to dissuade other groups from attacking Kiryu. If the Tojo visibly sent an assassin after Kiryu, then others would know not to attack him, for fear of angering the Clan. After providing this information, Kunieda wished Kiryu well and left.


  • Some fans believe that this substory was added to address a presumed plot hole in the original game regarding Sera showing compassion in expelling Kiryu from the Tojo Clan, but also sending an assassin to kill him in prison.



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