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"Stupid motherfucker... causin' shit like this. You must have a death wish."

— Big Akai to Kazuma Kiryu, Yakuza

Big Akai (赤井・兄; Akaiani - Lit. Older Akai Brother) is the co-leader of Bloody Eye in Yakuza and Yakuza Kiwami.


Big Akai has a small-medium muscular build. He has his hair tied into cornrows with a goatee beard. He has a patterned bandanna. He wears a red basketball vest over a white-hemmed black one. The red vest has the number 50 on the front, and a tribal symbol on the back. He wears a pair of black jeans and red trainers. He has tribal tattoos on both of his upper arms.



In 2005, all three Color Gangs are hired by Lau Ka Long of the Snake Flower Triad to carry out a raid on the West Park homeless encampment where Haruka Sawamura was being hidden by Kazuma Kiryu. The Akai Brothers participated in the raid and took Haruka captive before handing her over to Lau. Kiryu eventually discovered the Bloody Eye's involvement in Haruka's kidnapping and tracked the Akai Brothers to Club Deborah, where he interrupted their night of partying. Kiryu gets into a fight with the Akai's and several members of their gang, culminating in an easy victory for Kiryu. After defeating the gang, Kiryu coerces Big Akai into revealing that Lau had been the one who hired them into carrying out the kidnapping.

Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

In 2006, Big Akai, alongside his younger brother, Little Akai, makes an appearance in the Clan Creator minigame, as part of the Color Gang, now led by Masahiro Chono.

Yakuza 4[]

In 2010, Big Akai and his younger brother, Little Akai, appear in the substory Color Gangs. The Brothers run into Kiryu on the streets of Kamurocho, where they have a friendly conversation about how their lives changed after their fight five years prior. The Akai's reveal to Kiryu that the Red Eye gang disbanded soon after their loss to him and, after that, the Brothers started a porn video production company called Redsnake. As a parting gift, the brothers give Kiryu a copy of their latest hit release, "Gals Gone Wild in Yokosuka".

Fighting Style[]

In Yakuza 1, He fights using a Muay Thai only.

In Kiwami, He fights using a mix of capoeira and breakdancing, similar to Goro Majima's Breaker style.



Yakuza Kiwami[]


  • Big Akai is actually physically smaller than Little Akai; "Big" comes from the fact that he is the elder brother.
  • The name Akai comes from the Japanese word for Red, hence why their Bloody Eye gang wears red.
  • The actress, "Ryoko Hazuki" for the new adult video produced by the Akai Brothers mentioned in Yakuza 4 substory is a reference to the main character, Ryo Hazuki, from the Shenmue series.