On the verge of retirement, Billiken is often seen staring out at the Sotenbori River, smoking a cigarette. However, this man is well known in the underground world of Sotenbori. His true identity is more than he lets on.

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Billiken discuss with Majima

A struggling detective in the Sotenbori police and the single father of a daughter and Nishitani's foster parent. He lived in his live in poverty and raised the two kids and allowed Nishitani enter a life of crime to make ends meet. His life came crashing down when his daughter was murdered by a young boy her age and got off scott free. Nishitani in return murdered the young boy and toss him down the Sotenbori river. Since then he has used Nishitani's bribes to create the Sanzu river, a bloodsport arena where convicts fight one another.

Billiken dies getting shot

He would help Majima get access to Nishitani but was killed by a police officer who was bribed by the Tojo to eliminate the two of them.

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