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Cabaret Club Grand Prix logo.

The Cabaret Club Grand Prix is a minigame that is available in Yakuza Kiwami 2. It features Kazuma Kiryu running club Four Shine and is similar to the minigame Cabaret Club Czar from Yakuza 0.


The following is a list of hostesses that can be unlocked through this mode:

Name Hostess type How to get
Aika Platinum Defeat Paradise League
Cherry Bronze Starting hostess
Chisato Bronze Scouting
Endo Silver Scouting
Etsuko Gold Finish The Obatarian Strikes Again
Kana Platinum Defeat Fresh League
Koyuki Platinum Starting hostess
Kirara Platinum Defeat Club Sunshine
Lady Silver Scouting
Love Bronze Scouting
Maeda Gold Scouting
Mariko Gold Scouting
Marilyn II Bronze Scouting
Miki Gold Finish The Woman Who Can't Play
Ono Michiko Bronze DLC
Oshima Gold Scouting
Peach Bronze Scouting
Sakura Bronze Starting hostess
Seiko Silver Scouting
Serina Silver Scouting
Shoko Platinum Defeat Executive League
The Headmistress Gold Finish Sunflower in Bloom
Tanpopo Bronze Scouting
Tome Bronze Scouting
Watanabe Gold Scouting
Yua Platinum Defeat Millionaire League
Yuka Silver Finish The Cabaret Killer
Yuki Diamond Defeat Millionaire League
Yuriko Silver Finish Stolen


Each league has over 100 clubs.

Fresh League[]

Fresh League trophy.


  • Aomori Mad Sky
  • Hiroshima Sweet Goddess
  • Okinawa Intimate Heaven
  • Shimane Hot Potato

Partner shops[]

The following shops can be partnered with to increase the number of fans:

  • Dancho Soba
  • Hotel Ballon
  • Konno's Meats
  • Le Miel
  • Moon River Bar
  • Okka Eatery
  • Saccharin Bar
  • Soten Wrestling
  • Sushi Delivery Ginsuke

Paradise League[]

Paradise League trophy.


  • Aomori Apple Dream
  • Kanagawa Visitors
  • Niigata Rice Field
  • Osaka Heaven's Goddess

Partner shops[]

The following shops can be partnered with to increase the number of fans:

  • Iwamitsu
  • Kiyome
  • LG West
  • Komuro Soba
  • Kushikatsu Agechirakashi
  • Okonomiyaki Shungyokutei
  • Revenge Books
  • SFT Village
  • Taikiken
  • Turtle Hotel

Executive League[]

Executive League trophy.


  • Akita Raindrops
  • Kamurocho Divine Queen
  • Mie West Love
  • Tottori Thank You

Partner shops[]

The following shops can be partnered with to increase the number of fans:

  • Beyond
  • Coffee Kuroki
  • Fuguta
  • Kaen
  • Mikuni
  • Original France Takoyaki
  • Pizzany
  • Sakatabi
  • Soten Kabuki Theater
  • The Graceful Spyce

Millionaire League[]

Millionaire League trophy.


  • Gunma Shaft
  • Kamurocho Lotus
  • Kineicho Platinum Goddess
  • Tsukimino Rose Hips

Partner shops[]

The following shops can be partnered with to increase the number of fans:

  • Golden Yatzan
  • Horumon-Taki Tetsuji
  • Hungry Tom
  • Kazuna Matsura
  • Namidazaka Bar
  • Okando Bookstore
  • Soten Bimigai
  • Sunrise
  • Tecchin Fugu
  • Wakaki Restaurant


The makeover menu in Cabaret Club Czar allows you to purchase and upgrade your platinum hostesses.


Name Description Cost (¥)
Bathing Suit Beach! Babes! Bathing Suits! This stunner is sure to attract stares. 1,000,000
Belted Bare Top Simple, yet draws out the feminine qualities of an adult. 60,000
Bodycon Bodycon dress for disco queens. Guaranteed to liven things up. 150,000
Bodycon Dress A bodycon style dress that brings out a woman's sexiness. 180,000
Cheongsam This fun dress takes you to distant lands. 80,000
Cutesy Idol Based on a popular idol's stage costume. Cuteness overload. 250,000
Delinquent Clothing based on the hit TV show "Yo-Yo Detective Yoko." 300,000
Gym Uniform It's easy to move in this comfortable, nostalgic outfit. Guys love it!! 1,000,000
Long Halter An elegant, chic dress that gives an aura of composure. 70,000
Lovely One Piece This dress accentuates her cuteness. 50,000
Maid Outfit Your Master will surely fall for you... and so will your customers. 1,000,000
Mini Skirt Dress This dress showcases the wearer's legs beautifully. 20,000
One Shoulder A bare shoulder design that exudes sexiness. 10,000
School Uniform Relieve your first crush with this overwhelmingly cute schoolgirl uniform! 1,000,000
Sexy Dress A classic dress that dials up the sexiness factor. 15,000
Shoulder Pad Suit A trendy suit with shoulder pads for when you really mean business. 100,000
Standard Dress Original Dress
Yukata A refined, revealing outfit reminiscent of a cool summer breeze. 700,000
Yuki's Dress A legendary dress worn by the stunning Yuki in her early years as a hostess. 500,000


Name Description Cost (¥)
Braided Men love girls with braids! 150,000
Curly Updo A standard style that shows off a girl's beauty. 10,000
Double Bun A cute style with heavy visual impact. 350,000
Half Up Simple, yet sophisticated. 500,000
Hostess An elegant, gorgeous style especially popular among hostesses 15,000
Idol Cut A style popularized by a famous idol. Many schoolgirls try to imitate it. 200,000
Medium Look like the girl next door with this beloved style. 30,000
Ponytail A timeless style. May remind customers of their high school sweethearts. 50,000
Princess Curls This mature style has quite a following among younger girls as well. 100,000
Short This fresh and popular style carries an air of friendliness with it. 20,000
Side Down Draws out a girl's feminine charm. Elegant with a hint of cuteness. 500,000
Standard Hairstyle Her default hair style.
Straight Long A classic hair style that exudes both femininity and beauty. 60,000
Trendy Long A style with distinctive bangs that was all the rage back in the '80s. 300,000
Twin Tails Fans of this style can't resist its overwhelming cuteness. 40,000
Up A cute, feminine style popular among younger ladies. 500,000



Name Description Cost (¥)
Bunny Girl A sexy style favored by guests who love casinos. 100,000
Corsage A standard item with an elegant flower flourish. 120,000
Headband This ever-popular headband guarantees non-stop cuteness! 40,000
Tiara Exudes elegance worthy of a princess. 30,000

Name Description Cost (¥)
Active Heart Earrings The latest model based on the heart motif. 150,000
Circle Earrings Beloved by all, this classic design matches any style. 20,000
Cross Earrings Gold earrings for a striking impression. 80,000
Gaudy Rings Earrings This attention-grabbing large ring design was all the rage right in the late '80s.
Heart Earrings Classic earrings to complement that cute look. 60,000
Pearl Earrings Simple, yet gorgeous earrings made with high-quality pearls. 100,000
Star Earrings Elegant earrings that will make her shine as bright as a star. 200,000

Name Description Cost (¥)
Framed Glasses A standard pair of glasses for that intellectual look. 10,000
Frameless Glasses A classic design that brings an air of friendliness to the wearer. 20,000
Imported Sunglasses Imported sunglasses worn by a foreign celebrity. You can be a star, too! 50,000
Round Glasses The thick lenses provide perfect vision. For the studious type. 100,000

Name Description Cost (¥)
Black Nails Black nails give off an air of aloof sophistication. 40,000
Glitter Nails A dazzling style that tickles the fancy of men worldwide. Very popular lately. 100,000
Pink Nails Pink nails are perfect for completing that cute look. 20,000
Rainbow Colorful and novel, these are guaranteed to draw attention. 60,000
Red The passionate color scheme screams sexy. 10,000

Name Description Cost (¥)
Brilliant Necklace A popular necklace that's simple, yet enhances the wearer's cuteness. 60,000
Chain Necklace This gold necklace magnifies the sexiness of the wearer. 20,000
Elegant Necklace An elegant necklace that oozes sophistication. 10,000
Onyx Necklace Its unique color and shine demand attention. 100,000
Pearl Necklace Made by discriminating artisans, this necklace uses only the finest pearls. 80,000
Triple Necklace A simple necklace that coordinates well with any outfit.

Name Description Cost (¥)
Cool Ring A refined, sophisticated ring that showcases a shining jewel.
Flower Ring A cute ring with a design inspired by flowers.
Heart Ring It might be a standard, but it works to accentuate feminine qualities.

Name Description Cost (¥)
Designer Watch A famous designer watch. Note its diamond accents and craftsmanship.
Gorgeous Watch A gorgeous watch made with gold. Guaranteed to get you noticed.
Simple Watch A simple, cute watch. It might make you seem down-to-earth.

Name Description Cost (¥)
Flower Bracelet A legendary bracelet that uses a one-of-a-kind flower in its design.
Gold Bracelet A brilliant bracelet that goes well with flashy outfits.
Leather Bracelet A leather bracelet that emits an air of coolness.
Onyx Bracelet A chic bracelet with a bold onyx design.
Pearl Bracelet A bracelet that exudes an aura of maturity.
Simple Bracelet A likeable, oft-used bracelet.

Name Description Cost (¥)
Belle A popular perfume that raises the wearer's spirits. 10,000
Mignon A showstopping perfume that keeps the wearer calm in any situation. 15,000