Café Mijore is one of the locations in Judgment.


Image Name (¥) Description
Baked Cheesecake 700 A creamy, semi-sweet cheesecake. The lemon flavor adds a citrus accent.
Blended Coffee 500 An elegant brew with a mellow, nutty flavor and hints of chocolate.
Cappucino 500 A deliciously acidic double espresso balanced by steamed milk foam.
Carbonara 800 A filling Italian pasta with a rich, creamy taste.
Earl Grey Tea 500 A tea blend that adds oil of bergamot for a deep flavor and crisp scent.
Espresso 550 An espresso that leaves a distinctly acidic taste on the tip of your tongue.
Golden Mont Blanc 950 This creamy mont blanc shines like a mountain of smooth, mellow gold.
Healthy Salad 600 A nutritious green salad, and a popular low-calorie option.
Honey Toast 900 A rustic piece of bread, toasted to perfection and soaked in honey.
Iced Lemon Tea 550 A cool refreshment using astringent tea leaves and domestic leaves.
Omurice 1,000 This omelette rice is paired with a savory demi-glace sauce.
Orange Juice 400 100% pure OJ squeezed from ripe, organic oranges.
Seasonal Cake 900 A rich, delicious cake bursting with the delightful flavors of seasonal fruit.
Specialty Baguette 700 An enticing baguette with a savory scent. Crispy on the outside, fluffy within.
Vanilla Ice Cream 300 The classic vanilla ice cream with a smooth texture.


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