Chumming the Water is the tenth chapter of Judgment.


Outside of the Matsugane Family Office, Takayuki Yagami along with Masaharu Kaito, and Fumiya Sugiura realize that the only way to prove the existence of "The Mole" is by getting to Kyohei Hamura. Yagami says he can get more information on him by using the drone to infiltrate the Matsugane Family Office.

Spying on the Matsugane Family Office reveals that many members believe that Toru Higashi is gaining too much of an ego, now that Kyohei Hamura has been on the run. Yagami follows Higashi and Higashi finally reveals that the entire city is looking to kill Yagami. Instead of trying to hide from the Matsugane Family, Masaharu Kaito believes that the best plan of action is to lure the Matsugane Family out. Yagami tries to make himself vulnerable by looking weak. However, this plan doesn't work at drawing out the family. Yagami decides that a better plan is to head to one of the Matsugane clubs and heads to Alvin.

Tasks Edit

  • Scout the Matsugane Family Office.
  • Tail Higashi.
  • Chase Higashi.
  • Lure the Matsugane Family Out.
  • Head to Tender.
  • Head to Alvin.

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