Chapter 10: Shape of Love is the 10th chapter in Yakuza Kiwami.


The chapter begins with Nishiki alone on a stormy night, when Matsushige enters looking for him. As Matsushige continues to berate him, Nishiki stabs him right in the gut with a knife. Nishiki vows to make it to the top of the Tojo Clan.

Meanwhile, Date, Haruka, and Kiryu make their way back into Kamurocho. Shinji warns that somebody near him is leaking information and Kiryu decides to head to the Florist to find out who this is. The Florist reveals that Reina has been leaking information to the Nishikiyama Family. They then head to Serena to try to find out what exactly is going. When they get there, the bar is completely abandoned except for a note that was left by Reina. Shinji once again calls Kiryu and lets him know that Reina tried to make up for her mistakes and attempted to shoot Nishiki. He then revealed that the two of them are currently on the run together.

It is up to you to follow the trail of Shinji. First, you must head to Millennium Tower. Next, follow the way to the Champion District. You are then told to proceed to the Hotel District of the city. Shinji calls you and lets you know that he is in an abandoned building behind the batting cages. Upon entering the building, Shinji again calls you to let you know that he is moving to the roof of the building. Make your way through the members of the Nishikiyama Family throughout the building as you proceed to the rooftop. Upon reaching Shinji, Arase and his men arrive. They also show that Reina has been killed. Defeat Arase and his men. After winning this battle, Shinji reveals that Kazama is with a woman named Akemi. He also gives you the ring that belongs to Yumi before he passes.


  • Find Shinji and Reina
  • Reach the Rooftop

Related trophies

Icon Name Description Trophy
The Dragon Roars.png The Dragon Roars Completed chapter 10. Bronze


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