Chapter 15: Blood and Bonds is the fifteenth and final chapter of Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Plot Edit

This chapter opens with Kazuma Kiryu letting Yuya know that it's people like him who keep Kamurocho what it is. Daigo Dojima enters to let Kiryu know that 30 of the 31 bombs have been taken care of and that Goro Majima is currently working on the final one.

Sayama, back at Osaka PD, is having success with the disc. Kiryu decides in the meantime to return to Purgatory. At Purgatory, we see that Majima had luck in defusing the bomb and he lets Kiryu know that the rest of everything is up to him. Kiryu says that Kaoru Sayama is set to return tonight and that he is going to enjoy the city with Haruka Sawamura until then. Before he can do that Makoto Date says that he has something to tell Kiryu. He wants to meet you at Serena later on to tell you something. He reveals to you that Sayama and Ryuji Goda have the same mother. When Sayama returns, she lies about knowing what is on the disc. Sayama insists that if Kiryu is going to fight with Goda, he should visit with Bessho first at the Tokyo PD. Date agrees to show him the way and go with him.

At the Tokyo PO,

Objectives Edit

  • Go to Purgatory.
  • Explore Kamurocho with Haruka.
  • Take a Cab to Tokyo PD

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