Chapter 1: New Beginnings is the first chapter of Yakuza 3.


The year 2007: in the graveyard in which Akira Nishikiyama, Yumi Sawamura, and Shintaro Kazama are buried, Kazuma Kiryu pays his respects to the late Yukio Terada. Kaoru Sayama, Kiryu's flame from the previous game and its remake, hands over some flowers while explaining that she is going to work for the CIA in America. Meanwhile, Junichi Sudo and Makoto Date are discussing how the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have covered up the scandal of Jingweon Mafia agents infiltrating their ranks by promoting those who have knowledge of it to keep them quiet. This includes Sudo himself, who has been transferred to Division 1. Date however has quit the force due to his dissatisfaction with the way the TMP handled the affair.

Back in Kamurocho, Kiryu and Haruka say their goodbyes to Yuya and Kazuki, who is at Emoto Medical Clinic after a brawl the previous night, before their move to Morning Glory Orphanage in Okinawa. That night, after seeing Haruka off to New Serena, Kiryu goes to the top of the Millennium Tower to see Goro Majima. The pair spar, before Majima tells Kiryu how Kamurocho will be lonely without him.


Related trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Trophy
Y3majtrophy Majima Defeated Defeat Majima in Chapter 1 Bronze

Icon Name Description Trophy
Y3majtrophy Mad Dog Tamed Defeat Majima in Chapter 1 Bronze


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