Chapter 2: December 5, 2005 10 Years Gone is the second chapter of Yakuza Kiwami.


This chapter begins ten years after the events of the previous chapter. Kiryu is still in prison, however, he has just been granted his parole.

The members of the yakuza have called a family meeting to discuss a serious matter. It seems that a significant portion of their money has been stolen from the bank that they were keeping it in. Much to dismay of his fellow officers, Chairman Sera dismisses the meeting.

In his cell, Kiryu begins reading his correspondence from Kozama who describes the various changes in the Tojo Clan. Kozama revels that you should head to a club called Stardust. Upon Kiryu's return to the city, he decides to start by finding the information broker Tamura and getting caught up on the changes in the town. While making your way to the informant, you will once again be encountered by Majima. Majima will offer up a fierce challenge, as you realize that you have lost some of your strength and abilities while in prison. It is up to you to continue to train and upgrade your abilities.

Another person named Punk-Ass Abe confronts you about what you are doing on the streets and tries to prevent you from continuing. After defeating him, he reveals that Aoki is near the Theater Square. Proceed to the Theater Square. Aoki reveals that Tamura died five years ago. Aoki also gives you pertinent information in regards to Stardust. Proceed to the Stardust.

Upon arriving at the Stardust, you are threatened by a man from Stardust, who doesn't believe that you aren't in the yakuza. You must fight and defeat him. After the fight, Kazuki comes out and welcomes you inside the club. Kazuki reveals to you that Chairman Sera has been killed. The talk is quickly interrupted when members of Shimano's clan enter the club and demand to see the owner. Defeat the Shimano Family in battle. Shinji returns after the battle to prevent the leader of the Shimano Family from shooting you.

It is then revealed that the one who betrayed the Kazama Family was Nishiki. Kiryu decides to head toward the Tojo Clan HQ to find Kazama at the funeral of Chairman Sera.


  • Find the Information Broker

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Turmoil In the Tojo Clan.png Turmoil In the Tojo Clan Completed chapter 2. Bronze


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