Chapter 2: The Ryudo Encounter, known as Chapter 2: Encounter in the original version, is the second chapter of Yakuza 3.


Kazuma Kiryu begins the chapter cooking a meal for the children at the Morning Glory Orphanage. As he begins to serve the meal, he realizes that Izumi is missing and that he needs to go and locate her. Izumi is found at the beach upset. Izumi reveals that she had been teased in school for not having a real family, but Kiryu assures her that everyone at the orphanage is family. They then sit down to have a family dinner together.

Six months later, in March 2008, Kiryu is handed an eviction notice and sees strange men hanging outside of the orphanage. As he goes to confron them they drive off abruptly. Kiryu decides to head over to the Ryudo Family Office to find out what exactly is going on. Kiryu discovers Rikiya Shimabukuro and Mikio outside a convenience store in Downtown Ryukyu. Rikiya says that the only way Kiryu can see the boss of the Ryudo Family is by going through him. After defeating Rikiya, he holds up his agreement to take you to the Ryudo Family Office.

At the Ryudo Family Office, Kiryu meets with Shigeru Nakahara about the eviction notices. Nakahara tells Kiryu that the orphanage is on land owned by the Ryudo Family and that the Ryudo Family has people interesting in buying it. Kiryu tells Nakahara that he will not be leaving the orphanage and that he will fight him if he has to.


  • Find Izumi.
  • Go to the Ryudo Family Office.

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