Chapter 3: Funeral of Fists is the third chapter in Yakuza Kiwami.


Chapter 3 begins in 1996 with the revelation that Nishiki is getting put in charge of his own family, as the result of the suggestion of Kazama. It is also revealed that once Kiryu is released from prison he will be under the watch of Nishiki.

Next, we see Shimano getting his hair cut and remarking on the return of Kiryu. Then, there are plans that are revealed to Kiryu which explain how he must infiltrate the Tojo Clan Headquarters. It is imperative that you take your time as to not be caught by the security and various guards. It is revealed that you must sign into the funeral at the receptionists' desk. Enter the venue after signing at the front desk. Talk to the mortician who reveals that he dropped his mourning band somewhere in the reception area. After you find the mourning band, the mortician retrieves it forcing you to look for another way to the back entrance. The funeral director gets frustrated with the mortician who quits his job and throws the band into a nearby trash can. Retrieve the band from the trash can. As you try to enter into the back entrance, you are stopped by a member of the Omi Alliance. Hre reveals to you that Nishiki wants to bring you in, but you can defeat him in a fight.

Meet up with Shinji in the Tojo Clan's Japanese garden. Continue following Shinji as you make your way towards Kazama. After you look at the five portraits of the patriarchs, Kazama will enter the room and begin to speak to you. However, the conversation is quickly interrupted as a sniper takes a shot at and hits Kazama. As the bullet is heard, this causes Shimano to burst through the door and he quickly realizes that Kiryu is there. Fight off the members of the Tojo Clan. Kazama tells you that you must make a run for it. Fight your way through the rest of the headquarters. You will be challenged to a fight by Shimano, defeat him.


  • Meet Shinji
  • Escape From The Funeral

Related trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Trophy
Funeral For the Old Ways Funeral For the Old Ways Completed chapter 3. Bronze


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