Chapter 5: The Curtain Rises, known as Chapter 5: War Begins in the original version, is the fifth chapter of Yakuza 3.


While waiting in Stardust for the police to leave, Kazuma Kiryu has a conversation with Kazuki. During this conversation, Kazuki reveals that Kamurocho has changed as a result of the Nishikiyama Family. Kiryu receives a phone call from Osamu Kashiwagi wanting to meet up at the family office in the Millennium Tower.

While making his way to the Kazama Family Office, Kiryu is surrounded by a group of men dressed in all black who attempt to beat him up in a nearby alley. Kiryu runs into Mack once again after chasing him down, because he thought he was related to this group.

At the Kazama Family Office, Kashiwagi lets Kiryu know that the the families couldn't come to any kind of argument about what to do during their family meeting and that each of the family members is going to be doing their own thing. Kashiwagi and Kiryu determine that the timeline for the shootings Shigeru Nakahara and Daigo Dojima would be impossible to achieve by one man. Suddenly a black out occurs in the middle, and a helicopter appears. The helicopter begins to shoot bullets into the Kazama Family Office and manages to strike Kashiwagi. Kashiwagi, with his last breaths, tells Kiryu to look for the person within the Tojo Clan who has betrayed them.


  • Go to the Millennium Tower.

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