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Chapter 6: Gameplan, known as Chapter 6: Allies in the original version, is the sixth chapter of Yakuza 3.


After the incident at Millenium Tower, Kazuma Kiryu must escape from the police. While escaping, he runs into Makoto Date who wants to have a discussion with Kiryu. The two head to New Serena to talk and Date reveals that he is now working with a newspaper. Date then explains to Kiryu what is going on with the captains of the Tojo Clan: Yoshitaka Mine, Goh Hamazaki, and Tsuyoshi Kanda. Kiryu and Date determine that the best course of action is for Kiryu to seek out the traitor of the Tojo Clan and that his best starting point is looking into the activity of Kanda.

Kiryu receives a call from Rikiya Shimabukuro letting him know that he came to Kamurocho because he had to look for the person who shot his boss. Kiryu agrees that he should of let Rikiya know what was going on and that he was only trying to protect him. Kiryu agrees to meet up with him while in Kamurocho.

Kiryu finally finds Rikiya in Children's Park where he is protecting a woman from a group of Nishikiyama Family led by Nishino. Nishino tells Kiryu that there were looking for a girl for their boss Tsuyoshi Kanda and that he can be loated at the Red Brick in the Hotel District.

Upon entering Red Brick, the receptionist tells you that the hotel is only open to couples. Kiryu and Rikiya pretend to enter as a couple. They head to Room 403 where they find Kanda. Kanda does his best to run from room to ride attempting to escape from Kiryu, but eventually he heads to the top floor of the hotel, where the two eventually confront each other. After an intense battle, Kanda says that he wasn't the one who put out the hit on Osamu Kashiwagi. He says that Goh Hamazaki is the one who ordered the hit and that he has an entire army waiting in Yokohama.

Kiryu then shows Rikiya around the city. Kiryu shows him Kanrai, Don Quijote , the coin lockers, and Public Park 3. At the park, they discuss Osamu Kashiwagi and the type of person that he was. Kiryu then returns back to New Serena to fill Makoto Date in on the details of what he found out from Kanda.


  • Escape from the police.
  • Find Kanda.

Related trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Y3kandatrophy.png Kanda Defeated Defeat Kanda in Chapter 6 Bronze

Icon Name Description Trophy
Y3kandatrophy.png King of Pleasure Defeat Kanda in Chapter 6 Bronze


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