Chapter 6: Schemes is the sixth chapter of Yakuza Kiwami 2.


This chapter begins with Date and Kawara at Stardust, being served by Yuya. Kazuki then shows up and meets the two. They inform Kazuki that within an hour there will be widespread raids throughout the city and that he should get his affairs in order before this takes place. Date does this as a trap for Kazuki, to find out if he has ties to any kind of foreign mafia. Before they know it, Kazuki makes a dash for the exit and the two must proceed after him.

Back in Serena, Kaoru is anxious to head to the Amano Building with Kiryu. Proceed to make your way there. Since Kiryu is unsure of the location, he first has to talk to Tamura. Before you can head to Tamura, Yuya stops you and lets you know about what just went down with Kazuki and Date. Kiryu asks Yuya to give him a call if anything else happens. Upon arriving at Theater Square, Kiryu finds out that Tamura's friend Morita is there instead of him. He mentions that he is unsure about the whereabouts of Tamura, but agrees to help Kiryu nonetheless. He lets you know that the Amano Building is in front of Children's Park. He also lets you know that a gang who goes by "16-Bit" have moved into the abandoned building. As Kiryu reaches the building, he is confronted by 16-Bit. The members of 16-Bit explain that they too have been kicked out of the building by the foreign organization and that only their boss has the key. They let you know that their boss can be located in the alley behind Kotobuki Drugs. Nashino doesn't want to interrupt his video game to deal with Kiryu. However, he eventually attempts to fight Kiryu, which doesn't go well. After defeating the Nashino Brothers, he hands you over the Key to the Amano Building. Return to the Amano Building.

At the Amano Building, Kiryu splits with Sayama as he was told to come along. Make your way through the building to find Daigo. On the roof of the Amano Building, there is a group of people including Date, Kawara, two Kazukis. While Date and Kawara struggle to figure out which one of is real, a Kazuki shoots both of them and reveals that he is the person who called Kiryu the other day. This leads to a bloody shootout with Sayama appearing and shooting was appears to be the imposter Kazuki. They immediately hear police sirens and decide to make a get away.


  • Go to the Amano Building.
  • Find Tamura in Theater Square.
  • Go behind the Drugstore.
  • Go to the Amano Building.
  • Find Daigo.

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