Limelight is the seventh chapter of Judgment.


Shigeru Kajihira reveals that he ordered Satoshi Shioya to kidnap Mafuyu Fujii as a way of gaining the attention of Yagami. Kajihara also reveals that he had been working with Toru Hashiki to accelerate the process of getting the ADDC closed. Kajihara believes that there is something suspicious going on with the ADDC and the death of Hashiki and wants Yagami to look into the death. With little to go on, Yagami must return to his office for a night of rest.

The next morning, Yagami needs to meet up with Hoshino.

At the prosecutor's office, Yagami meets with Mafuyu. Yagami knows that he might be arrested by having this discussion, but he decides that this is something that he has to do. The group of prosecutors try to pry information Yagami, in regards to the night that Shintani was murdered. The prosecutors eventually decide to hear Yagami's side of the story. Yagami begins by recounting to them the murder of ADDC Vice Director Toru Hashiki and how he had been working with the Kajihira Group. Yamaga then explains that he believes that anybody who is close to discovering the truth about AD-9 is seen as a mere obstacle. While explaining his theory, Kunihiko Morita is interrupted by a phone call. The phone call reveals that their arrest warrant has gone through and that believe the killer to be Ayabe.

Tasks Edit

  • Return to Yagami Detective Agency.
  • Meet with Hoshino.
  • Head to L'Amant.
  • Find Ayabe's Replacement.
  • Investigate the Documents with Kaito.
  • Go to the Hashiki Murder Crime Scene.
  • Head to Queen Rouge.
  • Go into Queen Rouge.
  • Get Sweets for the Bride.
  • Bribe Saori.
  • Speak with Genda.
  • Buy a Dress.
  • Head to Cherry.
  • Wait for Saori to Get in Touch.
  • Head to Public Park 3.
  • Deliver a Bento to Kaito.
  • Investigate Yakumaru Loans.
  • Head to the Ushimata Family Office.
  • Talk to the Suspicious Man.
  • Head to Theater Square.
  • Defeat Sakakiba.
  • Return to Yagami Detective Agency.
  • Head to Tender.
  • Head to Genda Law Office.
  • Rest up at Yagimi Detective Agency.
  • Take a Taxi to the Prosecutor's Office.

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