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Chapter 8: Conspiracy is the eighth chapter of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.


At a Tokyo restaurant, there is a meeting going on between members of the Tojo Clan and Someya. They are questioning how much longer the ongoing war is going to be. They are also urging him to do something about Kiryu and the problems that he is causing throughout the city. Someya smashes a bottle over the person's head, klling them instantly, and walking away.

Back at New Serena, Kiryu is joined by Date who reveals that they have very little information into what happened with Tatsukawa. Someya then enters New Serena much to the chagrin of everybody there. He tells Kiryu that he wants to form an alliance with him and help end the war with the triads. Kiryu agrees to bring Someya to the meeting with Lo later in the evening.

Kiryu then rests until nighttime and Someya returns. Head to Shangri-La. Defeat the group of enemies waiting for you as you arrive and continue to make your way to Big Lo's Room. By defeating the Hangman in the pit, he will reveal a secret ladder to you. Proceed up that ladder. Make your way through the ruins of Shangri-La and you will eventually get to Big Lo's Room. Someya reveals that him and Lo did conspire together, and now he wants to take him in captivity. Kiryu reveals that he has zero intentions to ever form an alliance with Someya. The two then square off in a duel. After defeating him, Someya questions who will be the one to kill him. Lo requests that it's him howeer, he reveals that his son was killed by Tsuneo Iwami. As a result, Lo decides to spare the life of Someya - however, he wants him to tell Iwami that he is prepared to deal with him no matter what.

Lo reveals that he can only reveal the information about Tatsukawa if Kiryu joins the Saio Triad. He also goes further to say that Tatsukawa isn't the father of Haruto Sawamura. He says that the child has great value to the war going on in Kamurocho and that others are getting insight into this. Kiryu then receives a call letting him know that something has happened in Hiroshima. Yuta reveals that Hirose has went away with Haruto. Kiryu decides to return immediately to Onomichi.


Related trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Priceless Child.png Priceless Child Completed Chapter 8. Bronze


  • There is a completion of ???? yen for completing this chapter.


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