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Chapter 8: Conspirators, known as Chapter 8: Men and Plots in the original version, is the eighth chapter of Yakuza 3.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After suffering yet another loss in battle, Goro Majima is finally willing to divulge information to Kazuma Kiryu. He begins by letting him know that his connection to Yoshinobu Suzuki was set up by Goh Hamazaki. Majima believes that Hamazaki is looking to take over entire control of the Tojo Clan.

An ominous voice is heard saying that Hamazaki is looking to do even more. The Florist of Sai's underground surveillance lair is revealed. The Florist reveals that it appears that Hamazaki is looking to give the entire resort deal over to Lau Ka Long of the Snake Flower Triad. The Florist also confirms the fact that he had been watching Hamazaki for the past six months, based on the orders of Daigo Dojima. It is also revealed that there is another person involved in this.

Before they can divulge too much into the identity of the other person, a scene is shown of the Snake Flower Triad invaded Kamurocho. They are on the search for Rikiya Shimabukuro. Kiryu attempts to call him and realizes that he needs to find Rikiya immediately. Kiryu must proceed through the wave of Snake Triad members in the city until he gets to the officer. After a long pursuit, the officer finally lets you know that Lau Ka Long can be found on Nakamichi Alley in a building with no roof.

Kiryu must make his way to this building by fighting through numerous waves of Snake Triad members. Upon reaching the roof of the building, Lau Ka Long reveals that the only reason he entered into an agreement with Goh Hamazaki was to get revenge of Kiryu. Once again, the two battle with Kiryu coming out on top. Lau Ka Long orders his members to execute Rikiya, but before they can two bullets are heard. A third bullet is shot into Lau Ka Long by the man who appears to be Shintaro Kazama. Kiryu demands to know if it is the real Kazama or not, but the man simple walks away after saying that Kiryu's eyes were as beautiful as his brother described them.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Save Rikiya!
  • Find Rikiya!
  • Catch the Snake Flower Officer!

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