Chapter 8: Suspect is the eighth chapter of Yakuza Kiwami 2.


At the police station, they are investigating the incident that Date was involved with. Sudo and Kurahashi reveal that they are going after the resurgence of the Jingweon Mafia in Kamurocho. The officer then says that Division One will head up this case and that Foreign Affairs and Division Four are off the case.

Back at Serena, there is a discussion of whether the surveillance video is enough to incriminate Date or not. Kawara reveals that the footage likely came from the Florist and that Date should likely leave town for a while. Kiryu decides that his best plan of action is to visit the Florist at the Millennium Tower.

At the Millennium Tower, The Florist reveals the information that he has. He reveals that he has a spy problem in his organization. He also reveals that he has been keeping a close watch on Daigo.There is then a power outage in the system which causes the Florist to react. Kiryu must defeat the intruders that appear. After Kiryu makes his way through the building, he runs into Hayashi who reveals that he is now working for the Go-Ryu Clan. After hacking the system, they found out that Daigo is at Shangri-La. Kiryu then needs to head to Shangri-La. When you get to Shangri-La your mission is to find Daigo. Make your way through Shangri-La until you find Daigo.


  • Go to the Millennium Tower.
  • Go to Shangri-La.
  • Find Daigo.

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