Chapter 8: The Scheme is the 8th chapter in Yakuza Kiwami.


The chapter begins with Nishiki sitting at his desk and Matsushige enters with the money that he wants. Nishiki tells him that he is in his debt. Unfortunately, the majority of the money came from the same doctor who vowed to help out Nishiki. Nishiki hurries to the hospital, but realizes that the doctor has left.

Kiryu decides that he should keep a low profile in case the cops come looking for him. As Kiryu makes his way through town, there are widespread rumors about an incident at West Park. As Kiryu gets to West Park, he realizes that there was a gang attack on behalf of the yakuza and that the gang managed to take Haruka. Kiryu vows to take out all three colors of gangs - the red, the white, and the blue. The Blue Z hang out at Children's Park, take them out. The white gang is located in the Champion District. Defeat their leader and he will tell you that they are going along with Bloody Eye, the red gang, who is located near Debolah. Date also calls you telling you that Haruka was listed as a kidnapping victim and that Division One is looking into it. You must get to Haruka before they do. Defeat the Akai Brothers and the rest of the Bloody Eye. They reveal that they were hired by Lau Ka Long of the Snake Flower Triad.

Kiryu has a flashback to twelve years prior and an experience with Lau Ka Long in which he was captured and tortured. It was an extremely close call, but at the last minute Kazama burst in and saved the life of Kiryu.

Kiryu needs to head to Purgatory to continue in his pursuit of Lau Ka Long, who has made off with Haruka. After you have a discussion with Date, he says that you must go to Yokohama in pursuit of her.

After you decide to go to Yokohama, a scene plays showing that Shimano is working with the Snake Flower Triad. They are discussing the various ways to split the ten billion missing yen.


  • Find Haruka
  • Go To Debolah
  • Go To Purgatory

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Puppet Masters Puppet Masters Completed chapter 8. Bronze


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