Chapter 9: The Plot, known as Chapter 9: The Ruse in the original version, is the ninth chapter of Yakuza 3.


Kazuma Kiryu, Rikiya Shimabukuro, Makoto Date, Goro Majima, and The Florist of Sai are all having a meeting when Yoshitaka Mine demands to have a conversation with all of them. He tells Kiryu that is has been his organization that has been causing problems, and brings them retribution in the form of Tsuyoshi Kanda's head. Mine reveals that the Hamazaki Family has been eradicated overnight and that his goal is to do anything to keep the Tojo Clan together.

While he doubts that Daigo Dojima would have done things in his method. He is committed to keeping the Tojo Clan together and to prevent further bloodshed from the Chinese. The Florist says he will look into finding information about the Kazama look-alike and Hakuho, while Date says that he will look for information about Mine. Majima agrees to take over leadership of the Kazama Family.

While waiting for everybody's plans to come together, Kiryu's first order of business is making sure Rikiya gets back safely to Okinawa. After making sure Rikiya gets to a taxi, Kiryu receives a call from the Minister of Defense Ryuzo Tamiya. He requests a meeting with Kiryu and says that he will send a driver to meet him outside of Millennium Tower. Kiryu then decides to call Date and meet up with him first at Serena.


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