Chapter 9: The Rescue is the 9th chapter in Yakuza Kiwami.


The chapter begins with Date and Kiryu traveling to Yokohama in pursuit of Haruka. When they arrive, they are in front of the Snake Flower Triad HQ and Kiryu says that he must enter alone. He recommends that Date keeps pursuing other leads within the city. Make your way through their headquarters defeating any enemy that gets in your way. Eventually you will come to a room where Lau Ka Long is in. He explains to you that he is involved because of the potential of the deal and that he had already sold the pendant to Nishiki. After fighting Ka Long and defeating him Sudo and the rest of the police force shows up to arrest Kiryu for kidnapping Haruka.

The next scene shows Date frustrated with Sado and intimidating him. He says that he will not release Kiryu no matter what.

While in a jail cell, Hiruka visits Kiryu. Date then shows up and release Kiryu. While driving, he then explains that there is a lot more going on that suspected. He tellsthem about a secret organization referred to as the "MIA" or the Ministry Intelligence Agency, who are led by a man named Jingu. Date also reveals that the body pulled from Tokyo Bay was not the body of Mizuki, as they had originally believed. Before Kiryu can completely sink this in, a group of cars pulls up behind them and begins shooting. It appars that they have been trailing you since you left the police station. It is up to Kiryu to protect the car and stop the enemies who are trailing you. Defeat the enemies as you make your get away.

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Icon Name Description Trophy
A Man's Conviction A Man's Conviction Completed chapter 9. Bronze


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