Charles (シャルル, Sharuru) is a gaming arcade located on Park Boulevard in Kamurocho. It is owned by the Matsugane Family and managed by Toru Higashi.

Judgment Edit

Charles frequently serves as a rendezvous point for Takayuki Yagami and his allies, along with Bar Tender and the Yagami Detective Agency.

While owned and operated by the Matsugane Family, it is a family-friendly establishment for the most part. Masaharu Kaito was once the manager of the arcade but was replaced by Toru Higashi after his expulsion.

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Shop Missions Edit

Type Name Description SP
Bronze Decor-oceans S1 50
Bronze Decor-oceans S2 50
Silver Capsule Completionist Complete all of the capsule toys in Charles. 100

Trivia Edit

  • Charles plays a similar role in Judgment as Serena/New Serena does in much of the main Yakuza series, being one of the main places where the protagonist and the other main characters gather.

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