Chika Arimura (有村 千佳 Arimura Chika) was the number one hostess at Club Venus before joining Club Sunshine.

Yakuza 0[edit | edit source]

After Majima defeats Kanehara in rival battle and fist fight, Kanehara calls her useless and dumps her, then she joins Club Sunshine. Completion of Chika's training unlocks the substory A Moment Shared.

Dialogue Tree[edit | edit source]

Customer Service 1[edit | edit source]

"Mystery, sci-fi, historical... I'll read anything from any genre. My favorites are the romance novels, though." Any recommendations? -Hostess Heart Half.png
A perfect fit. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Even erotic novels? -Hostess Heart Half.png
"Is that so? Then, Majima-san, if you were to go out with someone, would you prefer to go out with a woman who has the same interests as you?" Opposites attract. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Same is best. Hostess Heart Empty.png
"It is. I have no sense of direction at all. I can get lost in a flash." That's stupid. -Hostess Heart Half.png
I'll escort ya. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Detours are nice. +Hostess Heart Full.png
"You ignore it? Wait, that ain't good..." Try to smile. +Hostess Heart Half.png
Gotta outclass 'em. -Hostess Heart Half.png

Customer service 2[edit | edit source]

"Oh, okay. Well then..." Only if ya want. -Hostess Heart Half.png
Let's talk animals. -Hostess Heart Half.png
Did ya get duped? +Hostess Heart Full.png
"Yes. A man who is so selfish that I alone can handle him. It's almost like, if I don't love him, no one else will! Is that strange?" I don't get it. +Hostess Heart Half.png
That ain't true love. -Hostess Heart Half.png
"Unhappy relationships? ...I suppose you are right. I'm simply incapable of a happy relationship." Don't change for him. +Hostess Heart Full.png
You're too attached. -Hostess Heart Half.png
Can I make ya happy? -Hostess Heart Half.png
"I just feel... lost." Forget the past. -Hostess Heart Half.png
That's your talent! +Hostess Heart Half.png

Customer service 3[edit | edit source]

"What kinda woman, eh? Gimme a sec here..." A graceful woman +Hostess Heart Full.png
No time for women -Hostess Heart Half.png
A cheerful woman -Hostess Heart Half.png
"Yeah, I'm all over the place." Especially girls' names. -Hostess Heart Half.png
Especially shopping. +Hostess Heart Half.png
"Tyin' the knot, eh?" Can't imagine it. +Hostess Heart Full.png
Maybe not. -Hostess Heart Half.png
Of course. -Hostess Heart Half.png
"I've wanted to ask for a while now. Will you answer me?" You work hard. -Hostess Heart Half.png
You're important. +Hostess Heart Half.png

Customer service 4[edit | edit source]

"Whoa, Chika-chan speakin' Kansai, huh?" I wanna hear it. -Hostess Heart Half.png
It doesn't matter. -Hostess Heart Half.png
You're fine as is. +Hostess Heart Full.png
"I wanted to be near him even more, so I started working in this industry." How passionate. +Hostess Heart Half.png
How reckless. -Hostess Heart Half.png
"I really want to live a happy life. I want a romantic relationship with a great man, and I want to build a great family with him." A romance? -Hostess Heart Half.png
A family? +Hostess Heart Full.png
A great man? -Hostess Heart Half.png
"That would be nice, I don't really meet any men outside of work." Forget work. -Hostess Heart Half.png
That's bad? +Hostess Heart Half.png

Customer service final[edit | edit source]

"The training for the girls is thorough here, too. I don't think there are any other clubs out there that do this sort of thing." I can do more... -Hostess Heart Half.png
I have fun too! +Hostess Heart Full.png
I gotta do it. -Hostess Heart Half.png
"Ah, maybe I shouldn't be having so much fun. It is work, after all... It's not good if I'm just enjoying myself. My apologies." No fun allowed. -Hostess Heart Half.png
Fun is the job. +Hostess Heart Half.png
"I think you are a very kind person." I am to you, Chika-chan. +Hostess Heart Full.png
I got my motives. -Hostess Heart Half.png
You prefer selfish? -Hostess Heart Half.png
"Something's botherin' ya? Really? Oh no, don't tell me..." Don't kill yourself! -Hostess Heart Half.png
Don't quit! +Hostess Heart Half.png

Suggest makeover[edit | edit source]

Double circle at Sexy, Beaty and Cute

  • Hair Accessory: Headband
  • Earrings: Pearl
  • Necklace: Triple Necklace
  • Nails: Pink
  • Bracelet: Gold Bracelet

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Chika means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "good, beautiful" (佳) (ka). 
  • Chika's surname Arimura means "exist" (有) (ari) and "town, village" (村) (mura). 

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