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Chikao Suzumori (鈴森 近雄, Suzumori Chikao) is a minor character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.



Suzumori has a thin mustache and a small beard covering his jaw.


Suzumori wears a white dress shirt under a tan two piece suit and a black belt with a silver buckle.


Not much is known about Suzumori's personality, however, he has the typical yakuza attitude of looking down on civilians. He was confident the physically weak Masato Arakawa did not have a real gun, which lead to his death.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]

Suzumori stumbles upon a collapsed Masato Arakawa in the stairwell of the building where he left his wheelchair. In the final seconds of the 20th century, Suzumori is killed after he places his head in front of Masato's gun and overconfidently taunts him into pulling the trigger, thinking it was a fake. Jo Sawashiro is told about his murder, later informing Masumi Arakawa, who asks Ichiban Kasuga to take the fall in place of Masato, all the while telling him it was Sawashiro who committed the murder.