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"Dancing is not just about technique. It's about how you express your feelings... how you let others see what's in your heart. That's the key."

— Christina to Akari, Yakuza 5

Christina (クリスティーナ, Kurisutīna), known as Christian in the PlayStation 3 localization, is a minor character featured in Yakuza 5. He replaces Kan Ogita as Haruka Sawamura's dance instructor.



He wears a hunter green pinstriped suit with matching fedora hat over a black shirt, khaki dress pants and a pair of white leather shoes. He also wears a pair of earrings.


While brutally honest, Christina is actually a compassionate person, doing so to encourage talent from promising candidates. He doesn't seek money or power and only offers his guidance to those he sees potential in.

Yakuza 5[]

Christina is introduced as a famous dance instructor credited for the success of many idols worldwide, though he rarely takes the stage himself. While in Japan to prepare for a concert, he is approached by Haruka on Mirei Park's instruction following Ogita's dismissal from Dyna Chair. He agrees to take on the role after seeing her dance, impressed with her ability to express emotion through movement - a quality he was unable to see in Akari Natsukawa who he had previously declined to mentor.

After Park's death, he is eager to help Haruka and Misa Yamaura materialize Park's wish: to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome for Haruka's debut. He assists Yamaura in organizing the concert even as it is threatened by the interference of Osaka Enterprises.