The Coliseum is a location in Purgatory in Kamurocho. Fighting tournaments take place here.


Like the rest of Purgatory, the Coliseum was opened after the disgraced former police detective known as The Florist of Sai went underground to become a private information dealer. This happened sometime between 1988 and 2005.

Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami Edit

The Florist tells Kiryu that he will only give him the information he wants about Mizuki in exchange for fighting three rounds in the Coliseum. Kiryu wins the three rounds, defeating the reigning Coliseum champion Gary "Buster" Holmes in the process.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2 Edit

Goro Majima has taken over temporary control of Purgatory and its Coliseum. Majima says that he will re-join the Tojo Clan to assist them in finding the bombs planted around Kamurocho, but only if Kiryu once again wins three rounds in the Coliseum. Majima himself is the final opponent.

Yakuza 3 Edit

The Coliseum has been closed for two years and is not re-opened until Kiryu once again renews his in-ring rivalry with Majima. Upon the completion of their fight, Nishida lets Kiryu know that the coliseum has officially been opened again.

Yakuza 4 Edit

In this game, Taiga Saejima is forced to have a fight to the death here. Just before he is about to strike the killing blow however, he relents. He addresses the booing crowd, telling them that they have no right to judge him, as they do not know his pain.


Yakuza 5Edit

In an Easter egg, Kazuma Kiryu's voice actor Takaya Kuroda appears as the Coliseum receptionist.



Rather than yen, items from this store are purchased in exchange for points earned by fighting in the Coliseum tournaments.

Yakuza KiwamiEdit

Image Name Points Description
Toughness Emperor 7,300 Toughness Emperor is really effective when you need a significant health boost.
Staminan Royale 12,000 Staminan Royale charges up your health and Heat dramatically.
Staminan Spark 300,000 Staminan Spark charges up your health and Heat to the max.
Image of a Tiger 8,000 A picture of a tiger. It seems to have been drawn by a famous Edo period artist.
Image of a Dragon 10,000 A picture of a dragon. It seems to have been drawn by a famous Edo period artist.
Wooden Katana 500 This wooden sword is for kendo practice, but it's more powerful than it looks.
Legendary Shintogo 400,000 This famous short sword was created by a master craftsman in the Kamakura period. Its sharpness and balance make it worthy of legendary status.
Colorful Parasol 440,000 This parasol lights up in seven different colors. It has the mysterious ability to confuse your enemies in a rainbow whirl.
Patriarch's Bat 11,200 Apparently made on the orders of a famous yakuza boss who liked baseball, this bat won't cause you to stagger when you hit walls.
Legendary Kinryu Bat 40,000 This bat bears the name of a legendary batter. It lets its wielder take incredible swings and increases gained experience.
Patriarch's Driver 11,200 Made on the orders of a famous yakuza boss, this driver can deliver some major damage, but it's rather fragile.
Frozen Tuna 200,000 A big frozen tuna said to be worth several million yen. Its eyes stare at you as if it were still alive.
Great Marlin 155,400 Like a marlin fighting against a fishing line, this weapon gets stronger when you're in trouble.
Slime Gun 33,000 This gun fires bullets containing a slimy liquid. It has no effect on some more powerful enemies.
Zap Gun 100,000 This shotgun can strike targets over a wide area, spraying them with strange pellets that deliver a jolt of electricity.
Konpeito 60,000 These unique weapons cover the entire fist. Some say konpeito sugar candy derived its shape from this deadly equipment.
Dragon Grudge Fists 100,000 A dragon's rancor is said to be unleashed when the wielder of these legendary knuckles senses a threat. They also increase gained experience.
Bagh Naka 18,400 This weapon was used for assassinations in Southeast Asia. Hidden blades appear when you clench your fists.
Tiger Bagh Naka 140,000 These ultimate bagh naka are made to look like tiger claws.
Cannon 110,000 This small cannon fires explosive shells, and does a lot of damage for its size.
Carbon Tonfa 3,000 This light, extremely rigid tonfa is made from high tech carbon material.
Slashing Tonfa 9,000 This finely made tonfa has a bladed edge.
Carbon Nunchaku 6,400 These light and powerful nunchaku are made of state-of-the-art carbon material.
Dragon Nunchaku 200,000 The ultimate offensive potential of these nunchaku increases when you face foes in greater numbers.
Wild Shirt 60,000 This shirt brings out your wild side. When attacked, you won't go down easily.
Training Gear 200,000 This gear enhances your ability to grab opponents.
Gauntlets 5,600 Wear these to protect against bladed weapons.
Champion's Ring 54,000 Wearing this ring is the same as proclaiming yourself the ultimate fighter in all of Japan, causing enemy attacks to intensify.
Black Belt 5,200 The power of a late judo master is said to reside within this belt. It gives you incredible strength when throwing opponents.
Stone of Enduring 30,000 This stone gives you the strength to endure one critical attack and live on, but it shatters after triggering once.
Charismatic Autobiography 600 This book had a very limited print run, and those who see it are likely to attack you and try to take it from you by force.
Goddess of Children Amulet 1,000 The divine blessing upon this amulet is said to reduce the number of enemies crowding around you.
Rush Amulet 30,000 This necklace makes your attack smore powerful when using the Rush style.
Mew Shoes 5,656 The annoying sound they make when you walk will mean confrontations are more likely. They are also said to give financial luck.
Payback Ring 250,000 This strange ring makes your attacks stronger as your health goes down, and it also boosts your power when facing many foes.
Crystal Ball 55,000 This beautiful crystal ball is one of many artifacts hidden around the world. It is likely to sell for a good amount.
Primeval Sword 90,000 This ancient blade is an extremely rare artifact. Though a poor weapon, a researcher or collector would pay you well for it.
Crystal Skull 125,000 This crystal skull is a legendary artifact that could not have been made by those who built the ruins where it was found. It is priceless.
Orichalcum 250,000 This metal is a legendary artifact so dense it cannot be worked, and its origins are a mystery. You could earn a fortune by selling it.
Golden Dragon Statue 500,000 This dragon statue is a legendary artifact made of gold. Though old, it is intricately sculpted. You could earn a fortune by selling it.

Yakuza 3Edit

Image Name Points Description
Toughness Infinity 7,500 The strongest supplement on the market. Will fully restore your health.
Tauriner Maximum 3,000 Will fit your Heat to its maximum level. You'll be a walking inferno!
Staminan Spark 15,000 Will rejuvenate your body and soul. And it'll restore your health and Heat to their maximum levels!
Plastic Shin Guards 500 These plastic shin guards provide light protection. They're thin, so don't expect too much.
Black Belt 1,500 This black belt is special, as they say the power of its late judo master resides within.It should give you extra throwing strength.
Calming Towel 7,500 This towel brings a sense of peace to its user, lowering their Heat.
Steel Shin Guards 10,000 These are steel shin guards. They'll help protect your legs from attacks.
Rage Bracelet 15,000 Equip all three Rage items at once, and a berserker rage will overwhelm you, providing you with inhuman strength.
Champion's Ring 50,000 Put on this ring, and you'll have people coming at you in droves for a chance to defeat the Champ.
Charismatic Photo 100,000 This is a photo of an old an influential yakuza. They say just carrying it will awaken the bloodlust of the people around you.
Hercules Gloves 100,000 Grab onto someone with these on, and they'll have a hard time escaping your iron grip.
Kanemitsu Bullet-Cutter 500,000 Did you know this sword is actually mentioned in ancient literature? It's referred to as a phantom sword.
Wristband 500 Wristbands are good for absorbing sweat, but they're not very effective at defending you from attacks.
Block of Brass 1,000 If you're wondering why we have a block of solid brass, a customer special ordered it. He left the business, though, so it's dead stock now.
Ancient Steel 5,000 They used this steel in ancient times to forge katanas.
Golden Gem 15,000 It might just look like an ordinary gold ball, but it's actually a gem of immeasurable value.

Yakuza 4 Edit

Only Kiryu and Saejima can fight at the Coliseum; therefore only they can trade points for items.

Image Name Points Description
Toughness Infinity 7,500 Toughness Infinity will restore your health to its maximum level.
Tauriner Maximum 3,000 Tauriner Maximum brings your HEAT up to its maximum level.
Staminan Spark 15,000 Staminan Spark will max out your health and HEAT.
Plastic Shin Guards 500 These plastic shin guards provide light protection. They're thin, so don't expect too much.
Black Belt 1,500 This Black Belt is special, as they say the power of its late judo master resides within. It should give you extra throwing strength.
Spicy Knife 1,500 The Spicy Knife is an experimental weapon that adds a burning sensation to wounds it inflicts.
Calming Towel 7,500 The Calming Towel brings a sense of peace to its user, which also brings down HEAT.
Mystery Stone 10,000 This unusual stone gives off a rare, diffusing reflection.
Steel Shin Guards 10,000 These are Steel Shin Guards. They'll help you defend against leg attacks.
Payback Ring 15,000 This Payback Ring makes your attacks stronger as your health decreases.
Demon Stone 20,000 A demon's hideous face is drawn on this stone. It has an ominous air about it.
Bloody Cloth 30,000 A Bloody Cloth used by men at the Coliseum. They say the cloth is inhabited by their spirits.
Southpaw Bracelet 45,000 A mysterious power resides in the Southpaw Bracelet that somehow strengthens left-handed attacks.
Silent Shoes 45,000 These Silent Shoes suppress footsteps to help avoid unwanted confrontations.
Demon Gauntlets 50,000 The Demon Gauntlets are unusual gloves that shield your whole fist.
Miniature Sign 50,000 I used a hammer to craft this miniature sign.
Champion's Ring 50,000 This is the Champion's Ring. Put it on, and you'll have people coming at you in droves for a chance to beat "the champ."
Bloody Binding 75,000 This Bloody Binding gives off a peculiar air. Be extra cautious when using it.
Tourmaline Bracelet 100,000 The Tourmaline Bracelet will have a healing effect if you stand calmly during a fight.
Charismatic Photo 100,000 Carry this Charismatic Photo, and people will be drawn to you. Just keep in mind that this has its drawbacks...
Ornate Blade 100,000 This Ornate Blade is etched with a beautifully intricate carp pattern, showing high-quality craftsmanship.
Leech Gloves 120,000 These are Leech Gloves. Grab an enemy with these on to drain his energy, which will conversely increase your HEAT.
Dragon Mail 200,000 This Dragon Mail is high-quality chain mail rumored to give its wearer protection of the Divine Dragon.


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