Crow is a character in Judgment. He is one of the leaders of the burglary ring that Jester had previously been a part of.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Judgment: 2018-2019[edit | edit source]

During the side-case Underneath the Mask, Crow hires Takayuki Yagami to find Jester, claiming that he had gone MIA. Upon following two of his suboordinates, Yagami discovers that Crow has gone rogue, and Jester had left the group due to conflicting ideals; Crow is motivated by monetary gain rather than fighting against injustices.

Crow had hoped to track Jester down in order to convince him to take part in a particularly profitable robbery of a credit union that is willing to work with them in order to claim insurance money. He tells Yagami that if Jester refuses the job, he'll kill him, just as he plans to do to Yagami after he'd discovered his plans.

Upon his defeat, he asks Yagami to tell Jester to "take it down a notch", lest he over-extend himself and get caught.

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