CURRY SHOP S (カレーショップ エス kariishoppu esu) is a curry restaurant in Tsukimino, Sapporo in Yakuza 5.

Menus Edit

Yakuza 5 Edit

Image Name (¥) XP Ability Description
Y5 FD Curry Chicken
Chicken Curry Soup 950
Y5 FD Ability Spr
Beautifully translucent and deliciously seasoned with spices that perfectly match our Japanese dashi stock.
Y5 FD Curry Veg
Vegetable Curry Soup 950
Y5 FD Ability Fcs
A generous portion of fresh Hokkaido vegetables are cut thick and added to our house-special curry soup.
Y5 FD Curry ChiVeg
Chicken and Vegetable Curry Soup 1,050
Y5 FD Ability Fcs
This extravagant menu item allows you to enjoy both chicken and vegetable curry soup if you can't decide which one to order.
Y5 FD Curry Curry
Chicken and Vegetable Curry 1,050
Y5 FD Ability Fcs
Pakistani-style curry that adds plenty of fruits, vegetables, and spices to a slowly sauteed onion base.
Y5 FD Curry North
Special "Taste of the North" Curry 1,480
Y5 FD Ability Spr
This limited-time only menu item features local seafood in our chicken and vegetable curry. Taste the goodness of Hokkaido!
Y5 FD Curry Combo
Combo Set 1,280
Y5 FD Ability Spr
If you can't decide between curry and curry soup, why not have both? This well-priced set also includes salad and dessert.
Y5 FD Curry Lassi
Plain Lassi 450 N/A What drink goes better with curry than a lassi? Enjoy the natural flavor of yogurt sweetened with honey.
Y5 FD Curry Honey
Honeyberry Lassi 480 N/A This lassi features honeyberries, a special product of Hokkaido. They are packed with vitamins that your body needs.


  • CURRY SHOP S is a real location in Sapporo.[1]
  • The in-game interior of the restaurant is simply a photograph of the real location with depth buffering added in.



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