Watching you reminds me of that one time...I returned home despondent and after my war buddy died in action, only to learn it was a prank.
— Saigo

Daijiro Saigo (西郷 大二郎, Saigō Daijirō), is a mercenary and Shun Akiyama's trainer.

Yakuza 4 Edit

Saigo first met Akiyama after he beats up a few of Shibata Family's thugs at the rooftops, offering Akiyama combat training drills. Completing his training will earn Akiyama a number of new moves and an armor item.

Yakuza 5 Edit

Two years after the events of Yakuza 4, Saigo moved to Sotenbori, Osaka. He still gives Akiyama combat training at this point.

Yakuza 6 Edit

During the events of Yakuza 6, Saigo traveled to Onomichi, Hiroshima. In an effort to show his ultimate self-defense technique, he asked Kazuma Kiryu to fight him. After the fight, Kiryu complemented his powerful technique, which Saigo declined. He told Kiryu that he wanted to go overseas again and raise money through gambling his savings.

Saigo will be available for the Clan Creator mini-game.

Gallery Edit

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