The Dojima Family (堂島組, Dojima-gumi) is a subsidiary family of the Tojo Clan.

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The Dojima Family was one of the largest families in Tojo Clan during the 1980s under the leadership of Sohei Dojima and his captain, Shintaro Kazama. However, following the death of its patriarch by the hands of Akira Nishikiyama, the family was broken up. A substory in Yakuza Kiwami reveals that some of its former members hold a grudge towards Kazuma Kiryu, believing he was the culprit.


The Dojima Family dates back as far as the 1980s. In Christmas Eve of 1980, the family gained notoriety for carrying out the Jingweon massacre, done by two of its soldiers, Futoshi Shimano and Shintaro Kazama. Since then, the yakuza family became one of Tojo Clan's biggest families.

In 1985, the Dojima Family was mentioned through Kazuo Shibata. Shibata mentioned that the Ueno Seiwa hit was originally a Dojima Family idea to expand their turf in Tokyo, with its execution being delegated to Sasai Family, but then Sohei Dojima backed off as it was not in their best interest to do the hit, with Shibata citing that there might be a traitor from both the Ueno Seiwa Clan and Tojo Clan who spilled the information about the hit.

Fast forward to December 1988, the family was involved in a dispute regarding a small lot at the center of Kamurocho, which happened to be a part of the potentially lucrative Kamurocho Revitalization Project. However, the family lost to the secretive Nikkyo Consortium, an organization led by Masaru Sera.

In the events after the land dispute, the Dojima Family appears to be in a state of downfall, following Sohei Dojima's appointment as the guardian to Masaru Sera, thus leaving the de facto control of the family to Shintaro Kazama, and effectively making the Dojima Family absorbed to Kazama Family. It is at this point Kazuma Kiryu returned to the family under renewed oaths and rising up within the ranks to the position of Lieutenant Advisor of the Dojima Family, until a fateful event that changed his life in 1995.

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