Dolce Kamiya (ドルチェ 神谷, doruche kamiya) is a former radio host, and host for The Princess League.

Personality Edit

In both of his appearances, he is a serious person when it comes to his job as both a radio host and television presenter, taking his job in an enthusiastic manner.

Background Edit

Yakuza 0Edit

Kamiya hosts his own radio show with a segment called "Dolce de Postcard" where he read out postcards sent in by his fans and awarded fabulous prizes to anyone who had their postcards read three times on the show. Judgement Kazzy and Gorogorogoro-chan catch one of his shows while at their respective offices and were inspired to send in their own postcards.

Yakuza 5Edit

Dolce Kamiya is the Host of the TV program "Princess League". According to Dolce Kamiya, the show has been airing for 20 years and he is the third host of the show.

Contrary to his vain silly appearance on the show, Kamiya has a serious personality and is full of enthusiasm for Princess League and how the show may inspire future idols. He takes his job as the host of Princess League very seriously.


  • Kamiya's first name Dolce comes from the Italian for sweet.
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