Corner of Showa Street and Nakamichi Street, Kamurocho.

Tanaka Maimi - Miracle Shopping (a.k.a

Tanaka Maimi - Miracle Shopping (a.k.a. Don Quijote Song)

Tanaka Maimi - Miracle Shopping a.k.a. Don Quijote Song

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Yakuza 4Edit

You can purchase the following items from Don Quijote in Yakuza 4:
Item Cost
Drama Homme I ¥2,980
Drama Femme ¥2,980
Physimagic Jersey ¥3,980
Shoulder Pads ¥890
Stuffed Cat Toy ¥698
Super Glue ¥2,380
Fitness Gear ¥3,980
Tonic Shampoo ¥398
Comfy Soles ¥980
Ladies' Suit (Black) ¥18,000
Ladies' Suit (Blue) ¥18,000
Ladies' Suit (Beige) ¥18,000
Ladies' Suit (White) ¥18,000
Ladies' Suit (Grey) ¥18,000
Chinese Dress (Black) ¥20,000
Chinese Dress (Orange) ¥20,000
Chinese Dress (Purple) ¥20,000
Chinese Dress (Off White) ¥20,000
Chinese Dress (Emerald) ¥20,000
Maid Outfit (Black) ¥12,000
Maid Outfit (Aqua Blue) ¥12,000
Schoolgirl Uniform (Navy Blue) ¥18,000
Schoolgirl Uniform (Yellow) ¥18,000
Schoolgirl Uniform (Red) ¥18,000
Schoolgirl Uniform (Grey) ¥18,000
Schoolgirl Uniform (Beige) ¥18,000
Headdress ¥12,000
Cat Ears ¥12,000

Yakuza 3Edit

Item Cost
Axe Fragrance 598
Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend 89
Boss Zeitakubito 89
Black Boss 89
Suntory Oolong Tea 97
Suntory Kuro Oolong Tea 158
Suntory Natural Mineral Water 89
Iyemon Cha (Green Tea) 97
Iyemon Cha Koime (Green Tea) 97
C.C. Lemon 97
Gomamugi Cha 156
Pepsi NEX 97
The Premium Malt's 208
Kinmugi 118
Chu-Hi -196°C Zero 105
Shoyu Ramen 178
Miso Ramen 178
Tonkotsu Ramen 178
Shio Ramen 178
Squid Yakisoba 178
Soup Harusame: Wonton 148
Soup Harusame: Egg 148
Soup Harusame: Tan Tan Noodles 148
Soup Harusame: Chige 148
Soup Harusame: Seaweed Veggie 148
Soup Harusame: Chinese Chicken 148
Soup Harusame: Hot & Sour 148
Soup Harusame: Miso Chicken 148
Soup Harusame: Roe 148
Tan Tan Noodles 208
Curry Udon Soup 198
Special Tonkotsu Ramen 198
Wakame Ramen 134
Stuffed Cat Toy 698
Flexible Hose 2680

Super Glue

Cold Pack 280

Fireproof Bag

Fitness Gear 3980
Tonic Shampoo 398
Plastic Bag 98

Yakuza 2 Edit


  • On the corner of Nakamichi and Showa Street, Kamurocho.
  • Half way down Shofukucho with an entrance also on the southside of Sotenbori Avenue West, Sotenbori.

Yakuza 2 Don Quijote ItemsEdit

Both Don Quijote's sell exactly the same items.

You can purchase the following items from Don Quijote in Yakuza 2:
Item Cost Description Order
Women's Underwear 7,800 A women's underwear set, with top and bottom's. A big seller. DQY201
Staminan X ¥980 The famous Staminan, for when your mind and body need a small boost. DQY202
Staminan XX ¥2,880 When you're really tired, this is effective for your mind and body. DQY203
Staminan Royale ¥9,780 The Royale is our most effective drink for restoring the mind and body. DQY204
Tauriner ¥480 When you need a HEAT boost, this will give you what you need to keep going.. DQY205
Tauriner + ¥1,940 This is what you need to refresh your spirit and bring some excitement to your life. DQY206
Tauriner ++ ¥4,880 For when you need a huge boost for your spirit and keep your HEAT high. DQY207
Dog Food ¥260 Dog food. This brand is popular with dog breeders. DQY208
Cat Food ¥150 Cat food. This seems like a popular item. DQY209
Caviar Skin Bag ¥150,000 A caviar skin bag. It's a top-quality item. DQY210

Monogrammed Bag

¥120,000 A monogrammed bag. It's something every girls wants. DQY211

Italian Necklace

¥70,000 This high-class brand-name necklace was made in Europe. DQY212

Italian Women's Watch

¥119,000 An Italian women's wrist watch. This model is all the rage this year. DQY213
French Scarf ¥13,800 This French scarf is made from the highest quality cashmere. DQY214
Black Boss ¥100 Boss canned unsweetened black coffee. Deep fire roasting results in a smooth taste. DQY215
Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend ¥100 A can of Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend coffee that's full-bodied and goes down smooth. DQY216

Iemon (Green Tea)

¥130 A bottle of iemon green tea. Uses only the finest selected green tea in Japan. DQY217

Iemon Hot (Green Tea)

¥110 A bottle of iemon hot green tea. Same great flavour, served hot. DQY218
Suntory Natural Mineral Water ¥120 A bottle of Suntory Natural Mineral Water from the Minami Alps mountains. DQY219
Natchan Orange ¥130 500ml of Natchan Orange. A juice with a refreshing blend of sweet and sour. DQY220
Pepsi NEX ¥130 A bottle of Pepsi NEX. Delicious with zero calories. DQY221

Suntory Oolong Tea

¥130 A bottle of Suntory Oolong Tea, the standard in oolong teas. DQY222
C.C. Lemon ¥130 A bottle of C.C. Lemon, loaded with vitamin C. DQY223
DAKARA ¥130 A bottle of DAKARA. Packed with fibre, it's refreshing and goes down smooth. DQY224
Gatorade ¥130 A bottle of Gatorade. It's refreshing and replenished your body's moisture. DQY225
Suntory Malt's Beer ¥260 A can of beer made from mineral water, The water quality stands out. DQY226
Chuhai -196C Lemon ¥130 Chuhai -196C Lemon with a refreshing taste of fresh fruit juice. DQY227

Yakuza 1Edit

You can purchase the following items from Don Quijote in Yakuza 1:
Item Cost Description Order Icon
Italian Perfume ¥6,800 With its fruity scent, this Italian-made fragrance is popular among women. DQY101 Gear
French Perfume ¥7,300 A blend of white birch and vanilla base, this has a distinctive floral fragrance. DQY102 Gear
Staminan X ¥980 Staminan, energy for the body and spirit. It's good when you're a bit tired. DQY103 Health
Staminan XX ¥2,880 For when you feel drained. Its effective in restoring mental and physical energy. DQY104 Health
Staminan Royal ¥9,780 A health drink for mental and physical energy. Royal is pretty effective. DQY105 Health
Tauriner ¥480 When your mental energy is lagging, use this to keep your spirit from dropping. DQY106 Health
Tauriner + ¥1,940 When you want to maintain your spirit for a longer time, this is the one. DQY107 Health
Tauriner ++ ¥4,880 When you want to raise your mental energy to the max, this is it. DQY108 Health
Dog Food ¥260 Dog Food. It's very popular among top breeders. DQY109 Box
Cat Food ¥150 Cat Food. It's a pretty popular product. DQY110 Box
Caviar Skin Bag ¥150,000 A caviar skin bag. It's a pretty luxurious item. DQY111 Heart
Monogram Bag ¥120,000 The monogram bag. All the girls want one. DQY112 Heart
High-Class Necklace ¥70,000 An expensive brand name accessory. It's a high quality European-made necklace. DQY113 Heart
Italian Watch ¥119,000 An Italian-made ladies' watch. This model is all the rage this year. DQY114 Heart
French Scarf ¥13,800 A French-made scarf. A luxury item made using high quality cashmere. DQY115 Heart
Black Boss ¥100 BLACK BOSS coffee. Deep-roasted beans dripped at low temperature for clear taste. DQY116 Health
Iemon ¥130 500ml of iemon. A Kyoto tea expert selects home-grown leaves to use in this tea. DQY117 Health
Iemon Hot ¥110 345ml of iemon hot. A warm green tea with a distinctive flavour. DQY118 Health
Natchan Orange ¥130 500ml of Natchan Orange. A juice with a refreshing blend of sweet and sour. DQY119 Health
Dekavita-C ¥100 210ml of Dekavita-C. It contains a variety of vitamins and gives you energy. DQY120 Health
Amino-Shiki ¥130 500ml of Amino-Shiki. It contains various amino acids and is good for your health. DQY121 Health
Suntory Natural Mineral Water ¥120 500ml of Suntory Natural Mineral Water. Quality mineral water from Kaikomagatake. DQY122 Health
Bikkle ¥100 220ml of Bikkle. It contains oligosaccharide and is good for you. DQY123 Health