Ebara is a minor antagonist featured in Yakuza 0.


In 1988, Ebara is a lieutenant for the Taihei Association, a subsidiary of the Dojima Family and second-tier family of the Tojo Clan.

When ex-Dojima member Kazuma Kiryu and Jun Oda of the Tachibana Real Estate Agency threaten a squatter that the Taihei Association were using to blackmail an apartment's owner into paying them off, Ebara is sent in to beat up Kiryu and Oda into leaving the squatter alone. However, Kiryu and Oda easily beat up Ebara and his men and get the squatter to vacate the apartment without further incident.

As a result of the scheme's failure, Ebara' boss, Taihei captain Okabe is forced to cut off part of his pinky finger in atonement. However, upon being given a description of the man who beat him up, Okabe and the Taihei patriarch, Hiroki Awano, immediately recognize that it was Kiryu.

Okabe and Ebara track down Oda and beat him up while he's alone, forcing him to tell them where Kiryu is. Once he's given up Kiryu's location, the two Taihei thugs, along with Awano, travel to Bar Serena to confront Kiryu. Awano forces Kiryu to fight Okabe, Ebara and several other of his men, whom Kiryu dispatches without too much effort. Impressed, Awano gives Kiryu a chance to save himself by turning in Oda's boss, Tetsu Tachibana, before dawn of the next day.

When the deadline comes and Kiryu does not comply, Awano sends scores of his men to search Kamurocho and capture Kiryu; forcing him to fight his way through the neighborhood's streets to avoid being taken. Ebara is amongst the Taihei goons whom Kiryu fights in order to avoid capture.

Ebara reappears much later in the story, when Goro Majima has travelled to Kamurocho in search of Makoto Makimura. When Majima is returning to the apartment where he and Tsukasa Sagawa have been staying, he stumbles upon Ebara and another Taihei thug beating up a civilian for unspecified reasons. Though the civilian pleads for Majima's help, Majima ignores him and allows Ebara to keep assaulting him.

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