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Ed (艾德, Ài dé/エド, Edo) is an antagonist in Yakuza 6. He is an officer of the Saio Triad.



He is heavy build and somewhat obese. He has a bald head and a moustache and goatee.


He wears a dark green suit over a navy dress shirt, two gold chain necklaces, and a pair of black leather dress shoes. He also wears a pair of silver round framed sunglasses.


Yakuza 6[]

Along with the Chinese Mafia, he advanced on Kamurocho after the Little Asia fire.


Ed appears as Zhang, a top man of China who sent his henchmen to kill Kiryu while he is at Cafe Alps waiting for Kiryu to find him. He then fights Kiryu alongside with Scar.

Fighting Style[]

Despite his girth, he possesses excellent stamina which enables him to move at a considerably quick rate. His fighting consists of a mix between brawling, wrestling charges and knife-based attacks. He's especially proficient with karambit, a type of claw-shaped curved knife native to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.