Emi Terasawa is a character in Judgment. She works as a nurse at the Advanced Drug Development Center prior to the events of the game.

Background Edit

During Takayuki Yagami's investigation into the murder of Koichi Waku in 2015, Emi worked as a nurse at the Advanced Drug Development Center.


Emi shows Takayuki Yagami and Masamichi Shintani around the Advanced Drug Development Center and accompanies them as they gather evidence to prove Shinpei Okubo's innocence.

Sometime prior to this, Emi had began dating Shinpei Okubo, but kept this fact a secret. During the court trial for Shinpei's appeal, Emi revealed their relationship and acted as a character witness, testifying that Okubo had stopped drinking and turned his life around. Her testimony proved invaluable in swaying the jury's mind and helped get Okubo acquitted.

Unbeknownst to Emi, it had been her colleague, Dr. Yoji Shono, who had really killed Waku. Shono accidentally murdered him while illegally testing his prototype alzheimer's drug on him and then framed Okubo to protect himself. Fearing that the investigation would continue and eventually lead to him after Okubo was acquitted; Shono travelled to Emi and Okubo's apartment in the middle of the night, drugged Okubo and then murdered Emi. Okubo was subsequently arrested for Emi's murder and both the police and the public came to believe that Okubo had been falsely acquitted for Waku's killing, keeping Shono in the clear.

Three years later, the truth of Emi's murder would come to light due to the investigation into Shono's crimes conducted by the members of the Yagami Detective Agency and the Genda Law Office, and, as a result, Okubo would be cleared of all charges and released from prison.


Emi has brown hair that is done in bob cut style. She wears four different kinds of outfits:

  • Green winter coat over gray sweater and a pair of black pants
  • Charcoal gray blazer over pink shirt with matching skirt and a pair of female dress shoes and a necklace
  • Standard nurse's uniform with white trainers
  • A white T-shirt and what appears to be a pair of slacks at the time of her death


  • Emi's appearance is extremely similar to that of Makoto Makimura, with the same hairstyle and a similar nurse's outfit.
  • In the beginning of the game, she is simply referred to as Emi, with her last name being withheld. Later as she appeared, she was referred to as "Terasawa", later connecting the fact that she was Emi.
  • During the game's finale at the ADDC, Yagami and Sugiura both have a vivid recollection of Terasawa at the same time, suggesting that her presence was more than just their imaginations.


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